First ride on TR plan

Hey guys

Just finished first ride in my plan on TR. I do most of my indoor training in the evenings so I don’t know if this contributed or what was going on, but 280 out of my 305 (ramp tested Sunday) threshold felt like pushing lead. I even double checked calibration during warm up, I thought something was broken (could have just been my mind was broken).

I suffered through 4 out of the 5 intervals of antelope, and made a decision to bail before the last one. I’m going home from isolation today to my kids and didn’t want to be completely toast (and to protect my immune system a little). I just wanted some feedback as to whether there is still training benefit of getting through 4 out of the 5 or if sweet spot training is more a matter of you have to complete the set to achieve the load you need for adaptation?

Any other tips to avoid dead legs on an early morning workout? I take a mediation which causes issues if you become dehydrated and it’s hard to drink when you are asleep!

Still, I wish I could have finished the set, but marginally proud of getting through 4 when I wasn’t sure I could get through the bloody warmup!



Some great stuff in this large thread.

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I’m a fairly new user myself but, for what it’s worth, the move from whatever training you were doing before to TR can be a shock. The ramp test is a good test backed by a lot of data, but it’s a rare bird that can ride at or even near that FTP number for long periods right out of the gate.

Others will be more knowledgeable, and there are lots of great threads on here that will help you navigate the challenges TR presents.

In general, persist. You do grow into these workouts. If you don’t find that to be happening, you may try dropping your FTP number manually by say 5%, and see if that resolves things. Or, trying using the intensity slider on the bottom left of the workout panel to cut the intensity by a few %.

Overall, the goal is to complete the whole workout and get the whole time in zone, even if that means taking a little load off.