Weekly Load Determination

Hello! I just finished my first 5 weeks with TR Base. I did NOT do the Ramp test beforehand, and just used the FTP that my Garmin had determined from my riding outdoors. Sweet Spot work was, and continues to be TOUGH but I love the adaptations. I have never failed/quit a session, though SS work does challenge me to the mental point of wanting to quit. I am a NOOB at structured indoor training. I’ve only ridden outside for fun here in Chiang Mai Thailand. I can hold 90-100rpm cadence for most of the first three workouts of the week, but the weekend 90 min SS workouts leave me struggling to keep above 80 after the first interval. The first interval I can push through. The remaining intervals, I can maintain the power requirement, just at a lower cadence closer to 65-75rpm. So, my question is, as a 57 year old noob to indoor training, should I continue onto Base 2 after next weeks ramp test, or repeat Base 1 in order to get my cadence up? And second, should I decrease my weekly load due to my age? For some context; I was paralyzed from the waist down when I was 25. I have since had two back surgeries 19 years ago. I no longer have back issues, and am at a high level of muscular strength. You can see some examples on my IG @cruxrox

The plans are designed to be done consecutively (1, then 2) so probably best to stick to that.

I would do the ramp test if I were you as there can be discrepancies between indoor/outdoor FTP. It’s also not too taxing and is over in 25 minutes. Worth it for more accurate training zones I think.

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Hi there! Welcome to TR :slightly_smiling_face:
I’d continue to the ramp test and make sure you have an accurate and up to date FTP measurement before doing anything else. If you’re hitting all your power targets and are able to recover in between sessions I would think you’re okay to move on to base 2- the 2 hour sessions can be pretty tough and it may simply be a matter of cadence dropping due to fatigue, which will sort itself out as your muscular endurance improves.

Out of curiosity, is 90-100rpm your ‘natural’ cadence range or are you aiming for that specifically? If it’s the latter you might be placing extra load on your cardiovascular system by pedaling faster than is comfortable for you.

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Yeah there’s clearly a discrepancy. So after my last 6 week Base 1, I took a 10 day vacation and just rode outside around 60-70% of my (proposed) FTP. I’ll do the Ramp Test tomorrow. And then start a NEW Plan focused on Climbing Road Race.

Going to do the Ramp Test tomorrow. That’ll provide some important data finally. Regarding my “natural cadence” when outdoors it hovers between 95-100. Indoors during Sweet Spot Intervals, I’m fine sticking to that cadence, until (as you mentioned) my muscular endurance fatigue sets in. So looking forward to starting my next and NEW Plan with this data. Thanks again for responding