First time leg shaving - tips/advice

I’ve taken leg shaving to a new extreme and bought a home IPL device. I’ve been using it for the last year and I now only have to shave my legs about every 8 weeks or so.




OMG, I just got an IPL and am on week two. I hope it works out like it did for you. I don’t know why it never came up in my conversations with other people who shave their legs.

I tried an epilator and that was a huge mistake. It hurt like h*ll and even though I exfoliated like crazy I got tons of ingrown hairs and even discoloration that persists 9 months later.

Shaving legs for racing makes sense, at least it is a good way of saving a few watts. However, the fewer I have to do it the happier I am. I don‘t understand the people who shave regularly just for the aesthetic purpose

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I also like shaved for the outdoor riding season for applying sunscreen and lotion. It is FAR easier with smooth skin than the forest (I am probably a 7-8 on the Chewie scale) I have without shaving.

I don’t bother from Oct-Mar, but when I start riding outside in Apr-Sep, the electric shaver gets used at least once a week. Pretty easy really.

Give it a go, if you like it - great, if you don’t it will grow back.

I prefer my legs shaved now but let in grow back in winter. Soon as the shorts are out again it will be gone. My wife moans about it but has come round to the idea, says my legs look better than hers!



which one did you get?

Never heard of this wizardry and will pay through the nose for it if it works.

I purchased an ARTOLF IPL device off Amazon. I wouldn’t endorse it yet, as my first one died after the second week. Probably not too long after I made that post. I got a replacement from Amazon pretty quickly and have only used it once.

I was talking to my lady friend who recommended IPL to see what price range she and her friends went in on and she said around 300 euro. The ARTOLF was $95. I didn’t feel like a $300 experiment at the time of initial order but if this looks promising will invest in a better device or might just suck it up and bump to a better device if my second one fails. The instructions said 4-5 weeks of 3 x week treatment and can then back it off after that. I haven’t been using it long enough to notice the difference yet.

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The first time I shaved my legs was before my second triathlon in 1986. I have forgotten any advice I could give you

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I have the Philips Lumea. It’s always discounted somewhere, so definitely don’t pay full retail if you go for one

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For those of you that shave your legs, do you use any moisturizer after? My legs look and feel really dry.

Just regular aveeno body lotion. Without it, my legs can look cracked. Hairy legs can hide the scales.

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Always Nivea post-shave balm. My skin feels awful without it.

Cocobutter works wonders, plus I smell great!

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Why did you go below the edge of the socks :thinking:

I tried this for a few months and despite loosing the money I’ll never get that time back. :unamused: I have fair skin and dark hair and used the device on max power, and after many treatments I saw no difference.
This is one of those confirmation bias things where you want to believe so much it worked because of all the time and effort using the thing. The idea that you waisted half a year on shining a strong torchlight at your legs for no good reason is just too painful. It will be interesting to hear if it actually worked for someone else than the influencers on youtube.

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Yes, Baxter, of course! :wink: (Rule 33)

More seriously, any lotion will probably do, but something is necessary.

Funny, as a rule, I do it before triathlon tours, the usual rotary shaver(list as an example) is suitable for that.

I bit the bullet and gave it a go. I didnt shave but I used my beard trimmer on zero setting. My legs are cold! :flushed: :grimacing:

I’ve been thinking about it for a couple of years but cannot be doing with the spikey regrowth / regular shaving. Thought I’d just give them a trim as short as I could with the trimmer. Love the look, like the feel, but it is cold!

You’ll adjust…and before long you’ll be breaking out the razor to get your walkers baby-smooth!

I’ve tried to let my leg hair grow back a few times over the year and hate it…even when I am not riding, I keep 'em shaved and neat.