First time leg shaving - tips/advice

What do I click on to unsee this picture?!?


I stop just high enough so the shaved/unshaven line won’t show when I’m wearing regular shorts. No point scaring the public.

As for re-shaving, since I ride almost everyday, I keep clean shaven which means a quick maintenance shave every 2 or 3 days. (After the first shave, this only takes a couple minutes in the shower). I wear shorts a lot off the bike so I don’t like to look sloppy. And, if you don’t want to draw undue attention among the unshaven heathens, i find people tend not to notice clean shaven legs as much as you’d think but they do notice stubble.


So glad I didn’t have to start this topic. I haven’t shaved my legs in years, but just upgraded and I feel foolish not doing it… on the fence how high to go… but also … how does one exfoliate legs? I’d ask my wife but she already thinks it’s crazy to be having these conversations…

Usually with a loofah, either natural or synthetic, or similar scrubber.


I just tried the body hair attachment on my Philips Multigroom 7000. No more razors for me. It’s close enough, as fast as a razor and doesn’t irritate/itch at all.


And of course, be careful with the regular clipper attachment. The teeth are too far apart so it’s possible to pinch your skin, especially if you continue all the way up, around the softer and more wrinkly regions…

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Who has shaved their legs, and actually likes the look / feel etc? So you arent just doing it for speed / road rash?

I will more than likely let my hair grow back through winter, but I actually prefer my legs shaved haha

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As mentioned above, I also like it for putting on sunscreen.
It is also WAY easier to clean up with a simple baby wipe after a dirty MTB or gravel ride.

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I was thinking that this morning, about the sun cream. I’m off on vacation in 4 weeks, putting on sun cream is going to be a breeze.

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Me. I just prefer how my legs look when shaved and I enjoy the process of shaving them. I actually think that the best reason to shave your legs is because you like it - all the other reasons are just a bonus.


I want to weigh in to give a female perspective. My husband and I are both riders. When he started shaving his legs, I was very against it. It has been a few years now, and I still feel the same. I won’t go near his legs until the hair has grown back in autumn.
Sorry guys!! :grimacing:


I can’t ever imagine why :upside_down_face:


I’ll join those who think that shaving legs are not natural for men.
Nevertheless, my boyfriend and I both shave our legs.
My boyfriend started doing this a year ago, and he tried many things: beginning with a razor and ending with a clipper. I don’t use a razor for a long time because hair grows very fast after shaving with it. My boyfriend understood this very fast. :sweat_smile: I’m using Kojintora hair remover and he tried this too (but he didn’t like it). Finally, I gave him Philips Norelco clipper as a birthday present (it was intended to shave his beard) and he started to shave his legs with it. :grinning:
This is our short story.

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Gotta ask who is it natural for? Being hairy is as natural as you/me/they come. Just social norms say women de-fuzz and blokes don’t.

For the record I do shave and although I guess performance does play a role, I do think my legs look better.


Can not agree more. I think whether someone wants a hairless body or hairy, it should really be up to them.

My guy decided to give a leg shaving a try - and the most painful aspect of it was the strange (not to say stupid) reaction from some of his colleagues. Come on! There is nothing feminine about shaving your legs or other areas of your body. It’s genderless since it’s a part of grooming.
Sometimes I just want to hit them with a stick, but only my sense of morals stops me from doing this. Gladly he’s not suffering from this reaction as it was completely his decision, it’s just me being oversensitive.

But back to the topic.

As for the shaving process itself - well, it became another morning ritual for us both. It wasn’t easy to him as even though he’s a blonde his legs are really hairy not to say furry. So I had to learn him from the basics. We went through waxing and back to the shavers. All I have to say that you should not ever underestimate the power of a skin care. Since I was raised in old-school social norms, so ofc after all these years I got used to shaving my legs. But he’s not and it turned out that his skin is really sensitive and after I showed him how to deal with this, he was really grateful. Girls, be supportive. Guys, please, don’t even try to keep it cool, use moisturizers. It will save you and your partner a lot of nerves.

Small update: thanks for the reaction, guys. It was a small post from both of us but I’m really happy that it might help someone else to make the decision. Please, keep in mind that there are many tips around the internet on how you can get adjusted to leg shaving (and not all of them are feminine, for instance I like these guys from Shavelab, they are not toxic at all, plus their founder is very responsive to the needs of their readers). We found many useful tips here. So maybe you could as well.


I only use a straight blade razor… would NOT recommend that

Order this and save time. Broad blade. Less strokes. Easy to handle.

Advice? Don’t.

I couldn’t tell you if anyone I ride with does or doesn’t shave their legs,

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