Shaving your legs?

How many others guys here (that are not full time racers) shave their legs? I have never yet (but tempted) although the other half has said she wouldn’t like it. For those that have, how has your partner been towards you doing it.

Forget your partner, think of the impact those hairy legs will be having on your riding buddies!! Criminal not to shave your legs!!! LOL


Clocks go forward; legs get shaved, clocks go back; time for a winter coat. I’m not a racer but its Tradition and it makes the application of sunscreen much easier.

It’s also proven to be more aero ( so its free power - imagine how much extra training you’ll need to be 10-15w stronger.

Shaved and tanned legs look awesome too, so there’s an immediate psychological win for you and a loss for your hirsute riding buddies!

The Mrs doesn’t mind at all (and steals my razor!).


Shaving your legs make them move aerodynamic!

There is science somewhere stating that its at least 0.00001 watts power saving!

That and my girlfriend prefers massaging my smooth legs post rides!

Do it and find out if you like it. I was skeptical too but going on 2 years now and it’s the way to go.


The biggest benefit for non-racers is in the case of a crash. If you go down and get road rash, you’ll heal a lot faster when thousands of tiny hairs aren’t also being ripped from your flesh. :slight_smile:

For that reason alone I try to keep mine shaved most of the time.

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I does help if you have semi regular massages too. Not just the massage, but less oils get on trousers/ car seat afterwards!

But mainly, it just looks better!

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It’s about 1 second per km. So if you don’t race it might not be worth the time, literally.

Shaved arms also more aero. Gotta draw the line somewhere.

Shaving your guns is a must, and your partner just have to get used to it. You have no business crashing during training, you probably don’t get daily massages and you don’t have to chase seconds in time trials. In other words, the only benefit you get is having awesome looking legs. But isn’t that reason enough? Ask someone to take a picture of your shaved calves while you grind up a climb. If she’s not into it she must be crazy :laughing:

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It’s a little more acceptable to not have shaved legs in the MTB world, but I like to think it makes me a bit more incognito since I actually have pretty cut and vascular legs.

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I MTB, I don’t roadie except on the trainer so no need :smile:

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Tried it for the first time this season after a few seasons of ridiculing my mates for doing it and am now a total convert. Other half laughed her ass off the first time but now gives me tips :rofl:

Got a really good tan this year with smooth legs compared to the burnt knees and white pins look of previous years which was the best I could do unshaved :sunglasses:

I do, but usually only for races, so I’d say probably 2-3 months out of my year I’m shaved. I believe it’s more aero; I also like the way it feels, and I don’t particularly enjoy picking hair out of road rash. Been there a couple of times, no thanks.

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I do it as a pre-race ritual and I personally like the way it feels. Sometimes I’ll do it the night before a big important workout. I get a nice mental boost from it.

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I don’t shave my legs. Never have, never will.

Pretty sure that a World Pro Tour Team recently had a gel banned that effectively disrupted the airflow around the riders frontal leg area. I’m sure my leg hairs are doing the same thing.

Sure, cleaning and maintaining a wound would certainly be easier and if I’m honest, that would be the only incentive.

As for ‘gains’, training, eating and quality rest will reap me more rewards than shaving my legs ever will.

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I shave my legs, it’s free watts for a race (I do time trials). Put a ton of effort elsewhere so why not get some time back with something easy to do.
I shave year round simply put because of sole vanity thing. I like the way my legs look shaved and so I keep them shaved for the most part hahaha. The Mrs doesn’t mind too much she does give me hard time that my legs are smoother than hers but whatevs to each their own for the most part.

  1. Rule #33//

Shave your guns.

Legs are to be carefully shaved at all times. If, for some reason, your legs are to be left hairy, make sure you can dish out plenty of hurt to shaved riders, or be considered a hippie douche on your way to a Critical Mass. Whether you use a straight razor or a Bowie knife, use Baxter to keep them smooth.



This! Obey the Rules!

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Not a shaver myself.

I often hear argumenta that people do it for speed, look/feel, less issues during a massage and injury recovery.

I don’t mean this to attack anyone but I think a lot of this is guided by peer pressure and wanting to fit in


I didn’t for a while and now I just use a grooming trimmer, which gets it close enough for me, plus I can do it in about 2 minutes in the shower when needed. Sunscreen is so much easier to apply now!