To Shave or Not To Shave, that is the question

[deep thoughts while sheltering in place]

Question for the guys that shave their legs:

Now that all riding is being done indoors, do you still shave your legs?

and fwiw, I just shaved mine but don’t plan to trim my beard or get a haircut until the restrictions are lifted. :man_shrugging:



Just in winter/indoor with clippers rather than full on wet shave :slightly_smiling_face:

Always. Once a week total body wet shave.

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Always shave, always in winter too. But to be fair, I hate hair in general.


Bruh do you even laser??? Its 2020!

I haven’t had hair on my legs since 1988…and I don’t see any reason to change that now.

Exactly. I find leg hair gross, shave year round.

Legs: once a week
Arms: Twice a week (probably)
Head: every other day

All year round.

I actually found out it was kinda dumb NOT shaving my legs when I got a massage and all the hair got pulled out and the follicles got all red and swollen… Not only not a pretty look, but annoyingly painful and itchy. Nowadays when I get injured and before I get a massage I at least trim it down. (depends on how high on the Chewbacca scale you score I reckon)

I do always shave my armpits though.

Haven’t shaved mine since Jan!

Keep meaning to now that I’m Cycling outdoors but I’m generally too knackered from training to contemplate anything other than a routine shower

Yeah but not as consistently. My problem is I’m not a fan of long leg hair, but I’m not a fan of shaving my legs either so I’ve been using clippers. It’s not a close shave but better than nothing. Now we’re back racing I should get it done but meh…

most pros recommend trminning very short with the same trimmer that you use for cutting hair (as opposed to shaving with a razor which irritates the skin ect). I learned the hard way that one does not shave the bum and I now only shave/trim outsides of the legs and the lower parts…


started shaving my legs this year. tried using the norelco one blade but found it was a bit inefficient so i switched to a straight razor. the schick hydra works extremely well. smooth with little to no irritation. just gotta watch out for those nicks, they bleed like crazy. whether it has made a difference is anyone’s guess. all the strava top 10s i’ve gotten this year could be the result of a higher ftp, aero legs, or the combination of the 2.

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I also shaved for the first time this year, getting rid of the “beinfell” (leg fur in German). The biggest change I found was that for some reason, sweat seems to dry quicker while riding, my socks aren’t getting as wet anymore, and my legs feel cooler, too. I have a Philips Bodygroom electric trimmer/shaver that works well, not as smooth as a wet shave, but quick and convenient.

Because I like to make people laugh…


pah, you just want us to gawp at your massive quads.

also your toes need done :wink:


Nice back door brag on the size of your quads. :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:

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Wasn’t my intention, honestly. To me they’re just regular legs, they’ve always been sturdy. :man_shrugging: :no_mouth: