First time leg shaving - tips/advice

Depending on your grow rate you can get away with shaving every other week.

That’s what I do. If i let it longer it become a pain in the ass and take much longer to get it done… Once a week is just maintenance and it’s super quick, but too much hassle :joy:

I’ve been doing for a few years already. Having leg tattoos helps with motivation. Hairy tattoos don’t look great

Do you shave or just trim with electric? I ask because the one time I tried shaving, I had to do it pretty frequently because it was crazy itchy if I let it grow. I’m not very hairy either.

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Yup…I shave every 2-3 days (more often in the summer) as I can’t stand the itch that comes with the initial hair growth.

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Shave… I don’t get itchy but I get ingrown hair… That’s a different type of problem


A good excuse for more tatts!

I only shaved with the beard trimmer, Im not hairy either and I’m quite fair so you cant see the tiny short hairs; they haven’t been irritating me at all either. I reckon I’ll only do it once a week or even once every other week. I’ll see how this first week or two shape up :slight_smile:

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Aveeno body lotion FTW.

I shave on race weeks only with the Phillips shave I linked above. After two weeks I have little hairs, it all grows back. I don’t shave in the off-season. Good compromise with the wife.

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I’m never going to be at the proverbial ‘coal face’ of races and I think I prefer the thermoregulation (thank the podcast for that word :joy:) of my hairy legs the skinsuit hides the hair arms lol :joy: :joy:

Mr Gillette is spinning in his grave. Why not swap the skinsuit for a sailsuit and have done with it?



Because I would rather have legs that go warmer or cooler to combat the constantly changing UK climate :joy:

Imma just go and shave my legs on your behalf even though I’m not racing :laughing:

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Cute thread of men (I assume) new to shaving their legs. For what it’s worth, advice from >30 years of leg shaving: I’d buy a womens’ razor because I imagine the ones for the face have a different shape. Don’t get a cheap disposable one because they will strip your skin off. I just use shower gel and put moisturiser afterwards. You do have to keep it up once you start, cause you get so much dust trapped in the stubble. I shave every 2-3 days, less in winter.


Completely OT, but that reminds me of when I was in hospital 20+ years ago. I woke up with a drip in me and a few bruises where they tried to get it in. Doh then they said it was the wrong type and they’d have to do it again. The nurses thought they’d be clever by shaving my hairy arms only to tear them apart with a cheap disposable razor. The next day another nurse came by to take my blood, “I here you’ve got a problem giving blood”, 2 seconds later "no problem, they don’t know what they are talking about " :joy:


A skilled person with a needle is priceless. It’s crazy how bad some people are at it when it’s their job.


Back when I used a razor and not electric clippers, I agree: Gillette Venus FTW.

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I got the worst bruises from a phlebotomist nurse ahead of planned surgery I needed. It was so bad that they asked me in the operating theatre what had happened to me.

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Thanks for all the great advice here in this thread! I am not sure that I will shave my legs soon, but one day maybe.
It seems time-consuming and senseless to waste time on this procedure. I would prefer IPL machines Australia that can remove the body hair for a long time, and I will not have to worry about them for a long time. I know that it can be painful, but I am ready to put up with the pain and not spend some time shaving my rather big legs once or twice a week. And I don’t want to bother anyone else with this request. But, again, for now, I will keep them like this.

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I tried my wife’s epilator the other day, ouch!!

More generally, I just use a normal razor. The one I’m currently using was from Lidl or Aldi )can’t remember), 5 blades, dead cheep and doesn’t clog. I generally shave in the shower, the mess it leaves in a bath, if you do it there is just too much!! And I always moisturise afterwards, my legs are too sore it I done.

I’m also another one that tends to let the hair grow back for winter, unless I’m lucky enough it get betting on a planet somewhere warm, not that any of us have been doing much of that over the past couple of years!

I went down that route last year, never again!

Buy a really good trimmer. Not one of those silly beard/manacaping units. Go to a barber supply and get a good trimmer. It will last forever. Use it with w the finest guard and once you get the hang of it - then use without the guard. These real trimmers will bite you if you are not careful so practice is worthwhile

I gave up shaving long ago. A PITA and marginal additional hair removal (3 days growth difference?).