How soon can I repeat the ramp test

I did a ramp test this morning at the start of SSB2.

I had a problem with my power readings after tightening the spindle on my pedals. It normally reads about 5-10w less than my spin bike but this time was about 50w lower (didn’t notice till 3/4 of the way through). All my fault but the reading was way too low.

So how long should I wait before I repeat the test and what sort of break before I do it?

Can I do it tomorrow or do I need to have a rest/recovery day?



Tomorrow should be fine

I think it depends on your ability to handle VO2Max type efforts and where you are in your training program, as well as your age and ability to recover. There have been times when I’ve done the ramp test and I don’t feel up to doing hard intervals the next day. Yet at other times I’ve recovered well and I could probably do a hard workout or ramp test the next day without too much bother. For me personally, I would have an easy day in between. I note that if I’m well rested and a bit too fresh, the ramp test seems to take a bigger toll on me ( with a higher max heart rate during the test) than if I’m in the middle of a big training block (lower max heart rate but similar power).


I’m feeling reasonably fresh after a pretty restful day so I will give it a crack tomorrow morning.


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I’m pretty sure this is advised in the workout text. I think it suggests that it’s an effort level that can be repeated after 24 hours.

Tomorrow is perfectly acceptable. Now go crush it!

I had a look before I posted and it isn’t quite that specific. All I saw was…

This test shouldn’t require full recovery ahead of testing, but you should be reasonably rested and properly motivated

I have a feeling it’s mentioned in the text during the warm down.

I’m fairly certain I’ve heard the TR guys talk about this in several podcast episodes @AussieAlex, basically confirming that you generally should be able to repeat the Ramp Test the following day. Get after it :muscle:

I’m under the impression that TR’s stance on the ramp test has changed slightly. When they first introduced it they really foregrounded that it doesn’t need the same level of recovery as the other tests. Lately they seem to emphasize that it does stress the body quite a bit. In the end, listen to your body. If you feel up for it tomorrow, give it a shot. If it goes badly, maybe insert a zone 2 day next time.

I’ve done Ramp Tests the following day after having a fluke of a bad result once.

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Thanks for the responses all.

I did the ramp test again this morning. I felt “reasonably fresh” so 2 days in a row isn’t a problem for me.

Much better result as expected, about 40w more than yesterday with my poorly home-maintained equipment.

Just starting up riding after a 1 year break (I’ve been riding for nearly 20 years though so think I have a bit of training still in the bank) so seem to be on the right track to get back to 275w by March.

2 Jul - 186 (almost no training for a year.
1 Aug - 210
10 Sep - 226



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Next day for sure, not surprised it worked. I’ve done back to back ramps before. I wasn’t even really testing, I was just coming off a break and wanted a couple of days of tough but not killer workouts. I got a higher number the second day.