First 'event' in 17 weeks. Should I stick with SSBMv1 and SSBMv2 and then partial build or?

As the subject suggests, my first event (if you can call it that ) is April 20 and it’s a 4 days cycling club visit to Majorca (likely to be pretty hard efforts), the next being a week in the pyrenees at the end of June. My plans for 2020 are not set in stone and in all honesty I will likely just do lots of riding with the club albeit at various efforts and duration. I am in the ballot of Ride london 100 and will change up my plans if I do get into that.

At the moment, I am about 3 weeks into SSBmv1 after bailing on any kind of racing earlier in the CX season due to like and stuff. I have about 5 years of training under my belt, most of it fairly structured and although some of the SSBmv1 workouts are mentally taxing for me, I have completed them all with no real issues.

I am wondering whether I will get more benefit of doing the full 8 weeks of build rather than completing both SSB and then moving into probably the first half of build. Generally, although it’s not a A race, I would like to have a decent level of fitness to set the bar for the rest of the year. I will likely come back and continue the indoor stuff before transitioning more to the outside later on in the year.

Thoughts and suggestions welcome.


Yes. I think so. Everyone is always trying to shorten sweet spot. However, I find that this is where you build your engine. Shortening the process for me doesn’t work. I can’t do the build workouts at the prescribed intensity without putting the time in sweet spot first. I also feel pretty strong for an event after the two sweet spot training blocks.

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