Oops! Didn't realize that there was a sweet spot base TWO plan

I just finished the General Build low-volume after a sweet spot base (mid-volume) period. Now looking at the plans again to figure out what to do next, and I realize that OOPS, there is a 2nd 6 week phase of sweet spot that I did not do. I mostly survived the build phase workouts although a couple of the Tuesday workouts I could not complete. (Maybe missing the 2nd half of sweet spot explains that difficulty, not sure). In any case, the question now is what to do next. I feel like I should go back and do the last 6 weeks of sweet spot next. Any reason I should NOT finish the sweet spot? I think the timing might work out nicely if I go back and complete the sweet spot, then do another 8 week Build followed by 8 weeks of Specialty. That would get me into early May, which is about the time I’ll want to start riding outside again. The timing thing aside, does it make sense to do this? Or is there something else that might be better given what I’ve done up til now?


Is there an event in particular that you’re targeting?

Finishing Specialty right as it’s coming to the time you want to start riding outside might be a bit early.

On the other hand, you have plenty of time to do the full sequence of SSB 1 -> SSB 2 -> Build and the be working on Specialty during the outdoor-riding seasons.

Thanks for the reply! No, not targeting any events at the moment. Are you thinking that I should consider going back to SSB 1 instead of SSB 2?

When fraught with indecision, it’s really hard to go wrong with SSB2.

I’d only go back to SSB1 if you were increasing your volume.

Yes. I’d take your gains from the Build and “start over” with SSB 1. Base is good, and IMO finishing Build in early spring is good timing.