SSBV1,2 > Build > SSBV1,2?

Hey Everyone,

For 2019 I’m using the year as a barometer for training stress and what my body can handle and looking to race in 2020. My race goals include shorter(but still hard) gravel events…70 miles or so and most likely a few 30+ mile mtb races. I am half way through SSBMV2 and am considering Sustained power build mid volume next. However after that I am scratching my head a little. I’ve heard chad speak about doing SS again if you have time after build. Thoughts?

A little about me, I’m 37 and a decade ago use to consider myself fast. Since then life came along…in a good way, but has taken most of my time away from the bike. Time is starting to come back to the bike, albeit at 430am, but i’ll take what I can get. I’ve enjoyed the process so far, thank you TR!

Thank you in advance!!

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I think that applied to riders that had extra time or want to build their base up. Typically, if you have an A event, the best way to go is count back 28 weeks from that date and start with SSB. The thing that is NOT recommended is to repeat SSB then go into build.

I’d say that the plan you are considering sounds correct. As for your specialty phase, maybe rolling road race for gravel? I’m sure someone will chime in with experience (I’m a road guy).


Less passive voice, more specificity. Occasionally, the TR crew does recommend repeating SSB for certain scenarios where you have extra time before your A event, say, to stretch your season by 6 weeks. Especially if you do t have the training time to mix it up with traditional base.

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I understand what you’re saying…

Edit - ‘The thing that is NOT recommended in _most situations_is to repeat SSB then go into build.’

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Pretty standard recommendation if have extra weeks or so before key event is:
Build (Your choice - personally would do sustained or general)
Build (most specific to event)

But if you don’t have that much time (for Ironman race in July, started TR in Jan), is:
SSB1, SSB2, build, specialty the best approach? or SSB1/2, build, SSB1?

Others are more qualified than me about TR, however my suggestion is to try one or two races anyway in 2019.
You will learn a lot from that and can see how your training is going.
Waiting until 2020 to race is a long time.

100% I agree and will do 3-4 gravel ride/races to set bench marks for next year and test out nutrition and so on. Since I do have a fair amount of time before I’m looking to really go get it, I wonder what the best plan format would be…maybe the good folks at TR will chime in;)

Hey there!

If you are looking to extend the length of your season, we typically do not recommend revisiting the Base Phase. Instead, I recommend you consider a ReBuild Phase.

This would look like this:


This will lead to a much more significant gain in fitness, and is our recommended training track even if you do not have any target events this season. After all, the higher you elevate your fitness this season, the higher your starting point will be next season :+1:.

Best of luck with your training!


I’m doing a modified rebuild/base right now following SSB and General BuildHV to increase my fitness since my A race was pushed back a couple of months. Lots of TSS and focus on SS and some Threshold and over work with Z2 for volume.

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the logic of doing Base>Build>Spec>Build>Spec which is suggested rather than refocusing on building more TSS and driving up CTL. What “type” of fitness will be gained by doing what amounts to 32 weeks of high intensity work with static or even decreasing weekly TSS?

I’m still on the fence and trying to decide which way to go after my next four week block of training.

Thank you @Bryce! Appreciate the info. Would there be any positive or negative to doing the HIIT block in the second specialty phase? Low volume HIIT with some outdoor riding??

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