Complete SSB, or start Build?

Hey team,

I am aiming at an A race (MTB Marathon) in 10 weeks time. I recently completed SSB2 and rather than now moving to build, I have began/repeated SSB2 as gains were consistent and feeling good, with the intention to complete the General build prior to the A race.

If I am to complete the 8 week General Build, I will need to cut my current SSB2 program short at week 4 of 6. I feel like I am completing the SSB2 well - sessions are engaging but manageable and I feel like I am completing them well / with quality.

My question is: will I be better to cut my current SSB2 short at week 4 and start General build so I can complete this program prior to my A race (I had always intended to use this current SSB2 as a ‘filler’ before the Build), or is it important to finish the last two weeks of the SSB2 before beginning the Build - in which case I would not complete the build before my A race - I would have to cut it short at week 5 and then insert a taper week.

I’m inclined to cut the SSB2 short and move to build as per my original intention - but I have not done a Build phase before so I don’t have any experience to reflect on.

The Build phases are a notable step up but that said, if I’m reading your post correctly, you’ve already completed SSB2 once. To me that says you’re ready for Build.

I’d cut the current SSB short and get stuck into Build. The new workouts will keep you engaged and present new challenges. Good luck :+1:


I have the same time frame as you except that my race is what I consider a B-race. I’m tapering up with GB now and will complete XCO-build plan the week before or same week as the race.

Like other people already mentioned, just move over to the Build phase. The last two weeks of the SSB2 program, as you know, are kind of a taper anyway so you won’t miss out on much. Following your original intention seems like a good plan, and the Build phase will really boost your FTP and power numbers in time for your race.


Thanks for the input everyone, most appreciated!