Features Wishlist

Changes that are coming

  1. Outside workouts
  2. FTP Estimator
  3. FTP Predictor
  4. Plan time adjuster
  5. Red light, Green light

Features I would love

  1. Ability to add strength sessions and have this impact the plan
  2. Adding in health stats from Garmin, Apple ,etc (sleep, weight data)
  3. “Mental health stress scale” that you can adjust that impacts the plan.

Do you agree or would you like to add anything ?

For context, the first 5 items come from the following podcast (yesterday).

As to the pending suggestions 6-7, we prefer that each Feature Request have a separate topic in the forum. This helps keep on topic vs handling several different ideas in the same discussion thread. You can see many examples in this Category with the “feature-request” tag you used here (and thanks for doing that).

Additionally, at least 2 of those items you mention have existing feature requests where you can add your comments. I will search and link them shortly, but generally speaking, it’s a good idea to search because lots of good ideas have already been submitted, and we want to add to that existing discussion whenever possible and appropriate.

For #6:

For #7:

For #8, it may be “new” but it likely parallels other ones I think I have seen referencing “state of mind” and similar concepts. I am having trouble finding those right now, but will like if I find them.

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I would first vote for the outside workout features. I think this should be number 1 because most people probably train inside so they can improve their outside riding/racing.

My second area of interest would be incorporating data from fitness deives. Even an old crumugeon like myself has an Apple watch and there is a ton of probably useful data recordedthat could guide progression and probably even more importantly assess your need for rest.

I am not sure I would find the FTP estimator all that helpful. I kinda like the ramp test. What would be cool would be displaying the your FTP as you do the ramp test. This number would be the ramp test value if you were to stop at that moment. Even better would be having the ramp test FTP value displayed against the estimated value. I am pretty sure I can hang on for another minute of the ramp test if it means beating Amber’s estimate.

Outside workouts are a thing. Random outside rides counting toward progression levels, no. Personally I’d love to have a thread of people posting their unstructured rides so the rest of us can analyze whether there would be any meaningful credit to keep certain levels from decaying over time

What I do, and I know this is a bit of a crutch, I only do endurance rides outdoors this time of year. So I add an endurance workout with a comparable TSS from the library and associate the outdoor ride to that workout. This way I get credit for the outdoor ride.