Adding strength training to calendar (Feature Request)

With all the emphasis on strength training on the podcast, I am baffled at why we don’t have a strength option when we add a workout manually. Instead, we have to choose other, then manually name it, then select other again on the dropdown and then put in the notes what we did. Rather time-consuming.

Thanks for a great product!


Hey @nreinker,

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback!

We considered offering a strength option but chose not to for a couple of reasons.

When setting the options, it made sense to offer specific buckets for Bike, Swim and Run since each of these types of workouts has a pretty standard set of descriptive metrics and a consistent way to track them (time, distance, TSS, IF, etc). Strength, on the other hand, is not tracked by time, distance or TSS, but typically by sets, reps, and sometimes tonnage. Everyone tends to track these differently based on their goals and the types of workout they’re doing, so we didn’t have a good framework to make a Strength Training bucket.

The other reason we didn’t add a specific strength category is that the use of the “other” category is much more versatile and achieves a similar result. With the other category, a user can log all kinds of strength and gym workouts like yoga, pilates, stretching/mobility, or any other gym classes that don’t fall perfectly into a pre-set “strength training” framework.

If you are frequently doing strength workouts, you can use the copy/paste function on the calendar to save time by using a past strength workout as a template. Simply hover over the past strength workout and select copy. See the image below for clarification:

You can then click on the day you would like to paste to and edit the pasted workout to describe your workout for that day.

I hope this workaround is able to save you a bit of time, let me know if there is anything else I can help you with!