Core and off bike workouts implemented into the training plans (Feature Request)

Could there be, off bike, core workouts added to the training plans?


Is there anything in the future to add off bike, core work into a training plan?

Core work can be implemented into all training plans. Strength training is a great idea too especially in the earlier phases where you focus on strength building and then switch to maintenance (this changes depending on gender and age – specifically masters and women). Whatever you do make sure it’s periodized like you would your training. I believe there are several TR posts and podcasts on this topic. Here are some below:


Further integration in the future is not completely off the table, however, it is not on our Development Roadmap at this time. We do have some resources in our Help Center as @jplucas14 has pointed out that can help to guide your core training, but if you want a fully customized training plan we recommend seeking help from a personal trainer.

What I personally use for strength training is an app called Volt. It allows you to enter your sport of choice (cycling) and your training timeframe, and then it builds a strength training program to meet your demands. We have no affiliation with Volt whatsoever, it’s just what I personally use for my strength training :+1:.


Does Volt have triathlon strength training?

Sufferfest have strength, yoga and mental training included…but their workouts and training plans are nowhere near as good as TR (yet) and they don’t have a calendar view (yet). However, in a recent interview David McQuillen advised a big update is coming to training plans, calendar, more workouts will be added plus an Android version and Apple TV. Hopefully by end of the year, 1st quarter 2020.
I have no affinity to Sufferfest, i just subscribe on an ad-hoc basis as the Yoga and Strength training are very good.I also like the concept of 4DP (which I haven’t used).

Just seen that as of today Sufferfest have added 4 new yoga workouts

For core work I use an app called 6 Pack Promise by Athlete X, $2.99 for an 8 week program. Each day is only 5-10 min of core work. I don’t think I’ll get a 6 pack from it. I’m only two weeks in and I think by the end my core will be a lot stronger.

They do :+1:.

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Only available for iOS devices