Client Side Thoughts

Hello All,
My first post here. I am loving everything about TR. From the software to the full-feature multi-media approach. Thank you, and I am using it for a short-term goal.
As I use the software I have come up with a few ideas.

  1. To be able to put markers on the timeline to notate things that happen. From UPS delivery to problems with hardware.
  2. As a Dual Garmin pedal user, obviously the incorporation of Garmin data into TR software.
  3. Since you have such a vast amount of data, maybe to be able to analyze an outside ride or race, and use your AI to offer insight and modifications to how one rides/races. By using HR, Cadence, elevation, power, distance and speed, and historical physical fitness, maybe your software can offer not only training assistance but race output assistance. Just an idea.
    Thank you again…loving TR. Ive since cancelled strava and Zwift. on my path to sub 24 minute time trials
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Welcome to the forum. FYI, these are essentially “Feature Requests”. TR prefers that we use a single forum topic to cover a single Feature Request or idea. This allows for connected discussion on that topic without distraction and confusion of juggling multiple ideas.

Generally speaking, many Feature Requests exist, and TR likes using those existing ones for continued discussion. You can search and find them yourself if you want to see if an idea is already submitted & discussed.

Here is one somewhat related to your first idea:

Here are two results related to Cycling Dynamics from power meter pedals:

The third one is possibly an extension of the pending Workout Levels Version 2 that is in early beta testing. I will leave that one to TR to review.