Visualization of other metrics such as weight

I love the simplicity and focus on relevant metrics in TR. However, since weight and w/kg being interesting metrics for most of us, I would also like to have a visualization of my weight as it changes over time. I have such a graph in Trainingpeaks, and I find it very useful, so it’d be necessary for me to consider TR’s calendar a viable option to TP.



Second this, would be great if TR could pull directly from Apple health.

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I actually disagree with this completely, what does knowing your weight do to help you get faster?

Tracking weight and its relation to power is useful for many riders and cycling disciplines.

The power to weight of a rider is something that can be used to plan and predict possible performance.

Tracking gains and losses for both will allow people with power, weight or combo goals to evaluate their work and nutrition choices.

It is a very useful metric for many people.


+1. Several years of experience has proven to me that - in my case, anyway - there is a clear relationship between how fast I ride up hill and what I weigh. And a daily update of weight + visualization of the development functions as a reminder for me to make good choices in terms of what I eat and drink.