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Hi there,

I see requests for TrainingPeaks but I would also like to submit the calendar sync request for Both of these apps go a great job with prediction and tapering which is missing from the TrainerRoad calendar app.

Would it be possible to add this functionality?
Can we add the ability to export the planned workouts in a standard format?
Do you plan to add this reporting functionality to the TrainerRoad Dashboard?
Two parter, if so, can you also add functionality to import runs and swims to create a more complete picture?

Honestly, if you can’t import runs and swims I would prefer to see this as an export.


Hey Ben!

While we do not have plans to add Calendar sync to other training platforms such as TrainingPeaks, we are working on the ability to export your calendar to your Google Calendar, iCal, etc. I know this does not gain you any predictive analytics, but it will help to fit your training into your personal schedule.

Adding Run/Swim import features is on our Development Roadmap. We have a few major projects before we begin this development, but it is something we very much want to do. You can throw you +1 in on this thread if you’d like to show your support

We don’t have plans to integrate Fatigue/Form metrics into TrainerRoad at this time. We feel that managing all of these complicated metrics should not be something that our Users need to do if we are creating the Training Plans properly :slight_smile:

For that reason, our future developments will be focused on making the training plans even better than they already are, and making TrainerRoad a more powerful training platform. Our goal is to make it very straightforward for any athlete to get faster :+1:

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your feedback!

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Thanks for the detailed response Bryce!

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No we will continue to use TSS and IF, we just will not expand to use fitness/form/fatigue metrics since these can be a bit convoluted.

TSS and IF are fairly easily understood, and help paint a clear picture of one’s current training, and help to provide context to how hard a workout should feel. On the other hand, fitness/form/fatigue are predictive metrics that are not always completely accurate, and we feel that a rider following a TrainerRoad plan should not need to worry about anything other than completing the prescribed workouts in order to get faster :boom: