TrainerRoad + Apple Watch for HR? [Feature Request]

Will I ever be able to see HR from Apple Watch in TrainerRoad?

Is there a TrainerRoad watch app planned?


Support for the Apple Watch is not currently on our Development Roadmap :pensive:


I would love to see this added (and wouldn’t even mind paying for it). HR on the latest Apple Watch is super accurate so it’s a no brainer.

Please please please!


Would it be possible to have a way to merge say a HR .tcx file with the .fit TrainerRoad file?

There’s a good iOS app that breaks out your HR profiles from your Health app. It’s called Heart Graph by Smoky Cat Software. You can Airdrop the .tcx to your computer and then be able to upload it to TrainerRoad.

Come on, guys, Zwift will work with the Apple Watch.


I agree this is needed as a separate HR monitor would cost me 2 months in TR subs when I already have an iwatch that works


+1 for adding Apple Watch support to the roadmap. It is a superior HR monitor. Seems silly to require people to wear and use a different device to record HR. PLEASE add this.


I’m a Watch user, so any additional integration will be well received, but…

Why HR?

Once you’ve been training a while you realise power is all you need. HR can be kind-of-interesting if a workout is feeling harder than usual, but it’s far from essential.


For me its interesting to track HR at different power levels as I’m getting fitter (mine changes quite a lot). Also handy to know threshold HR if riding out doors without a PM sometimes.

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Previously discussed here

But anecdotally there is evidence from users and reviewers that wrist based optical HR monitors aren’t as accurate as a chest strap, with the caveat that the latest apple watch is the best of the bunch.

I have a naturally darker skin tone and find that my Garmin watch can struggle at times and certainly lags behind my chest strap at capturing higher heart rates.

So, to be a bit contrary here…if they are less accurate, and not used by Trainer Road as part of assessing your fitness and development, then why should it be a priority on the roadmap?


Correlating heart rate with power would be nice especially if you don’t have a powermeter on your bike.

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Unfortunately there are far to many variables to make that correlation accurate.


This may be of interest wrt accuracy of different devices:,review-2885.html

But this thread is specifically about Apple Watch, which is very accurate for most people (based on the above and certainly my personal experience). So I guess the question is what % of TR users use IOS devices (50%?), what % of those have an Apple Watch, and does this justify the dev effort.


How does this work…?

I’ve got the Watch app - any assistance would be appreciated :+1:t2:

  1. Record trainer ride using the Activity app

  2. Open Heart Graph (I have the app auto import activities from Health, which you have to set up)

  3. Share it to computer via Airdrop (the app creates a .tcx file)

  4. Download TrainerRoad workout to computer (.fit file)

  5. Merge them using Gotoes utility (

  6. Share to Strava or TrainerRoad*

*Sharing to TrainerRoad requires you to have auto-import from Strava. Then delete the activity on TrainerRoad AFTER downloading, merge, and then share to Strava. This will auto-import the activity back into TrainerRoad with merged HR. MAJOR CAVEAT!!! THIS WILL STRIP THE INTERVALS FROM THE ACTIVITY

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It’s cool you can do this, but it sounds (and probably is) way too difficult.

Thanks @rac1ngsnak3, but as @ae59a2e92645dbb says… It’s maybe a bit of a faff, and if strips out the segments maybe not the best for me currently as I’m fairly new to this power/structured training stuff, so I can better measure my improvements. The HR data would just be a ‘nice to have’.

I think it wouldn’t be too hard for TrainerRoad to implement this in a better way that would keep all data intact. Where you would just have to export your HR file and then import it into the workout. All the merging would take place behind the scene.


I’ve had an Apple Watch 4 for about 1.5 months. I have looked at the heart rate data a few times comparing my watch and my Wahoo Fitness TickrX heart rate monitor using Golden Cheetah. The data from the two devices are very similar during the TR workouts I checked, usually dead-on or 1 BPM different. Typically, the only times I have seen differences are during recovery periods between intervals.

Usually, getting my two year old TickrX to broadcast HR data to TR is my first irritation of any TR workout. TR connects, but often cannot read HR initially. Once the communication starts up it usually continues fine throughout the workout. It would be great if I didn’t have to mess with that thing. But, I would rather have TR stay laser focused on the current operating systems they support (Mac/Windows/iOS/Android) with their limited resources than expanding to other devices/platforms/apps (an endless list includes Apple Watch, Apple TV, Apple Health, Google Fit, ChromeOS, etc.). I may have a different opinion if TR wasn’t currently in the midst of major updates to the TR ecosystem.

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I would like to see Apple Watch support. At the moment I use my Garmin 920XT when I’m on the bike. It would be nice to wear my Apple Watch and Trainerroad take my heart rate from that…