Feature Request: Allow a connection of TrainerRoad to HealthFit App or allow fit file data export to Apple Health


I am requesting a feature to help those using iOS devices get TR data into Apple Health.
Classically, many have worked out in TR, synced their workouts to Strava, then had Strava send the workout data to Apple Healtth.

However, I have discovered that Strava has decided to cut third parties from being able to upload activities to Apple Health. That is, only data that has been generated with an apple watch in the Strava app will be sent to Apple Health. All others are blocked

But, I have found that an ios app can sync fit files to other apps. The program called HealthFit App and it already allows data from other platforms such as Komoot, Ride with GPS, etc to be synced with Apple Health. It is possible now to take trainerroad fit files (backed up into dropbox), have the HealthFit App import the file, and then upload the data to Apple Health.

The main problem is that this needs to be done individually with each fit file. This is rather tedious. I must say that this is a huge problem for someone like me who relies heavily on getting ride data into apple health and into other programs.

I wanted to request Perhaps TR engineers can figure out a way to streamline this process to import data into the HealthFit App or perhaps circumvent it all and send the data directly to apple health.



Thanks for taking the time to share your detailed feature request with us @killroy123.

While I can’t make any promises on prioritization, I will pass this onto the team for consideration alongside the other projects we have in the pipeline :+1:.


Thanks Bryce. I know its a big ask but integration into Apple health with TR would be such a major help for me and my goals of losing weight.

It would also allow me to finally wean off strava. I’d love to take that yearly membership and perhaps get my friend a TR subscription (wink wink)

Thanks to you and all the team for this wonderful training platform. Please stay safe


I second this request. TrainingPeaks just introduced native uploads to their platform from apple activity. Understand that what i am asking for here is reverse.

My activities syncing is so messy. I prefer all activities to be local (Golden Cheeta) on my Mac. All activities goes to Strava as private. Everything goes to TrainingPeaks for legacy storage reasons (don’t use their features at this time) and I’d like all bike rides to be inside TrainerRoad too. Wahoo (head unit), don’t care much for their platform after I’ve completed an activity. But for ‘vanity’ reasons, I’d also like all activities to go to the Apple activities, and not as duplicates. This would be easiest to manage if every player interfaced natively, two ways.


Why ask for this workaround when the obvious solution is direct syncing activities to Apple Health?


From what it appears, it is to keep your data on hand yourself. Especially with Golden Cheeta.


Shot in the dark as I know TR is preoccupied with the new ios app, any update in possibly getting workouts to sync with apple health? It seems like apple is freezing out using fit files to update calorie counts on apple watch. Would love it if I could sync my TR workouts with apple health to deal with this issue


I’ll for sure submit this to the team as an expansion upon that original feature request. Thanks for bringing it up! :star2:


You’re a star. Really appreciate it. Loving the beta app too. Say thanks to all the devs for me.

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Just FYI; HealthFit already supports importing .fit files manually: Go to the TrainerRoad website, find your workout, download the .fit file to your iCloud Files (from the Download ellipses). Then import it via iCloud Files from the HealthFit app where it will automatically pipe it to Apple Health.

UPDATE: Alternatively, I noticed my Wahoo TICKR also syncs to Apple Health independently as a workout/heart rate recording. So depending on your device, you may have some options.

Obviously a direct integration with Apple Health is preferable, but this I’ve discovered is a current work-around.

I am hopeful that at some point TR gets there. Right now on indoor rides I also run a workout in my AW to get dat into Health, which HealthFit then pulls from.

As you also mention the Wahoo app sends the data from the head unit to Health and this works great for outdoor rides.

That’s my approach too. However, direct integration would be fantastic as it is easy to forget to start the AW workout. Closing those circles is a helpful motivator especially when the TR PRs are a little out of reach during a rebuild.

HI Brice, hope all is well.
what is the status of this request?

I just use the HealthFit app. So I sync TR to Strava, and use HealthFit to sync Strava to Apple Health. Works like a charm.

Strava syncs directly to Apple Health. No 3rd party app required.


Yes, but I also sync to TrainingPeaks and sync metrics to TrainingPeaks . So I’ve found that only using HealthFit to do the syncing eliminates duplicates

Interesting and thanks. I’ve got a FitBit scale and use MyFitnessPal to sync weight to Apple Health. First thing in the morning I weight myself and capture subjective metrics in TrainingPeaks, and manually enter weight in TP metrics at that time.

At the time I opened this ticket, Strava had closed access. Change in leadership since has reversed this decision.

That said, the minute TR can export data to Apple Health directly (and/or can be classified as exercise on apple watch as well), I can close my Strava account.

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I do the same thing with my Garmin scale and Apple Watch. At least at the moment, I’ve found going the HealthFit app route the best way to push health metrics (e.g., weight, sleep, HRV, etc.) into TrainingPeaks. The only minor annoyance is that to push health metrics, you have to launch HealthFit and manually tell it to send the metrics to TrainingPeaks. You don’t need to do this every day, so not a massive annoyance, but I wish the sync was automatic.

Or better, I wish Apple would build out a better health sync system to third party systems.

Yeah I can see that, although I’ve got more historical data in TrainingPeaks than Apple Health. But I’m not formally tracking sleep or HRV at this point. And I’m still not sure what to do with Apple Health despite having written a few of my own personal apps (not published). Right now its pretty much limited to wanting three rings live info so I can glance at my watch and use that info to support quick decision making in the kitchen.