Problem with Strava -> Apple Health

I have my TR and outdoor workouts (Wahoo) sync to Strava which is set to push all workouts to Apple to use for calorie tracking etc. However, Strava has not synced with Apple since a TR workout on Feb 19 for me. I am wondering if this has to do with the recent update Strava rolled out. Has anyone else had an issue recently with Strava syncing to Apple Health? Is there a different setup that is recommended to get TR workouts into Apple Health?

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Both Wahoo Element and Wahoo Fitness apps can sync workouts to Apple Health.
Not sure if you can run both TR & Wahoo app concurrently, though. My feet are toast for today but I can try it out tomorrow

I’ve been having this issue as well. I did some googling and some folks on reddit are reporting that it’s a widespread (but not all encompassing) issue. Some have suggested logging out and logging back in on Strava, disconnecting strava and apple health and then reconnecting it and finally uninstalling and reinstalling the strava app.

Currently, it looks like it only affects workouts that are shared to Strava. If you record a workout on Strava, it uploads to Apple Health just fine.

I haven’t had any luck and haven’t heard anything official from Strava. Hopefully it’ll be corrected and not just removed like bluetooth sensor support.

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Same here (and for the wife), activities recorded with Garmin and/or TR and then synced to Strava was not ent to Health app until the Strava app was re-installed and the “Connect to Health” procedure repeated.

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Strava has always seemed to have problems with working correctly with Apple Health. I’ve not had the issue you mentioned, instead Strava has written duplicate workouts to Apple Health. Sometimes a workout would appear 4 times in Health!!! Out of frustration I wrote my own iPhone app to find and delete duplicates. About six months ago I stopped having Strava send to Health, and switched to using Garmin Connect to sync to Health. Strava doesn’t seem to care about a lot of things, oh well.

More on topic, with Garmin Connect I have seen delays in activities appearing in Health. Sometimes it seems like I have to open the activity in Garmin Connect app and/or open Health app and/or open Apple Watch. While a minor annoyance, at least I don’t have duplicates.

I’m having the same issue.

I get a lot of frustrating duplicates in Apple health too, to the point that I’ve disabled all syncing from Strava, and use Health Fit to transfer them. Now HealthFit syncs TO strava, rather than the opposite. I may go back to using Garmin Connect, but since I don’t own a Garmin device anymore, I rarely log in to Connect.

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Strava really needs to get its act together. So happy that I finally stopped having Strava sync to Health after 3+ years of Strava generated insanity with Apple Health. All of my cycling workouts (even TR ones) are recorded on Edge 530 and Garmin Connect does a good job syncing. I also use Apple Watch workout tracker for some core work, and Strong app for strength training. Its so nice to finally have clean data in Health.

Same here. Happens since version 137 of the app and applies to my activities recorded and synced by and from Garmin.

I‘ve even opened a support ticket and after some back and forth (mainly to make clear its not the new Apple Watch/Health to Strava feature) Support wrote:

„Thanks for reaching out. We apologize for any trouble. Our team is aware of these issues as stated in our last response and we are working quickly to address the problem. We appreciate your continued patience.“

Still not fully convinced that the‘ll fix it soon but at least I did my part…


Followup: Version 139 (released a few days ago, this issue was specifically mentioned in the changelog) fixed it for me.


I think this issue might have been mentioned in the latest fit file podcast from @GPLama and @dcrainmaker. Episode 100. Not a user of apple health so I’m short on detail.

Agreed, mine has been syncing very nicely since the most recent update. Fingers crossed that it stays this way.


After updating to the most recent version of strava, none of the phones in our family still sync the workout data to the Apple health. :confused: