Apple Health Sync via Strava Blocked - Options?

Per the below, Strava have made a change on their side to block workouts from syncing to Apple Health if they weren’t recorded using the Strava app. This means my TR workouts and no longer getting through.

Does anyone have any good workarounds or other options? Or will TR integrate with Apple Health?


There’s a workaround in this thread - Feature Request: Allow a connection of TrainerRoad to HealhFit App or allow fit file data export to Apple Health - #43 by fl33tStA

There’s a lot of “empire building” that goes on with on-line services. It’s usually us, the consumer, that loses out.


I’m now using the app RunGap and it works.

It’s a new subscription to pay, I don’t think it’s a sustainable option for me.


Thanks for sharing. The sync stopped working yesterday and I ended up wasting some time debugging this without luck.

Even if I do not like the change, I believe TrainerRoad should add Apple HealthKit integration. The TrainerRoad app should sync to HealthKit even if the activity was recorded in the Windows or MacOS app.


I’ll bump the importance of this to the team now. Thanks!


I’m very interested to see where this goes! I’ve wasted so much time trying to get my last two workouts from TR into Apple health because syncing through Strava used to just work… now, for some stupid reason, it doesn’t


Following up about the recent issues TR athletes are having wiht Strava + Apple Health and some possible workarounds until the TR team can get full Apple Health integration on the roadmap.

Strava has changed how 3rd party activities in Strava sync to Apple Health, so now, any activities recorded from third-party apps, like TrainerRoad, that are synced to Strava will not sync to Health.
Currently, TrainerRoad does not support a direct sync to Apple Health, so the best workaround is to add the workout to Apple Health manually. Here’s how:

  1. Open Apple Health
  2. Go to Health Data (tab) > Activity
  3. Tap on Workouts
  4. Tap on the “+” sign (upper-right)
  5. Enter your workout data.

Did Strava even give you guys a courtesy “heads-up” that this was coming?

I’m so frustrated with Strava’s behavior in these areas. I’ve been contacting their support today and they make it sound like it is TrainerRoads fault the functionality isn’t built in to TrainerRoad.

Strava drops functionality and then shuffle us off to force you guys to make a quick fix. :rage:


I mean… it is on us that TR doesnt have direct integration with Apple Health? :upside_down_face:
Yet. This recent strava update is helping push this feature up the roadmap for sure.


I’m not upset with you guys at all. Just wish Strava would have given some lead time to everyone else to build in these features without affecting us customers.


We provide Strava the data, is it too much to ask that we could use it in another app?

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A problem with the previous Apple Health integration in Strava was that you would end up with duplicated entries in Apple Health if the source application had both Strava and Apple Health integration. The latest Strava version fixes this.

You can also use Garmin Connect to get your workouts into Apple Health as a workaround. It doesn’t affect the move ring, but will close the exercise ring.

Until TR builds out a direct integration to Apple Health, take a look and see if Fitness Syncer will work for you

It is my understanding, based on a support article I read from Apple a couple months back, that even though duplicates displayed in the Health app that you can prioritize which duplicate recorded to your rings. Therefore, even though you saw a duplicate it was only recorded as one.


Strava just gave me a - another- reason to cancel my subscription. Which I just did. I don’t mind paying for services as long as they keep working as I need and/or improve.


Add my vote to bumping this up the backlog please!


I went crazy yesterday. I couldn’t get my rings on my apple watch to close because I couldn’t get my TrainerRoad workout to transfer to health. I restarted my watch, my phone, closed the apps, finally even unpair and pair the watch again. Nothing.
Garmin connect sent the workout to health but didnt fill the move ring (not sure why Garmin Connect workouts dont affect the move ring).

All this because Strava decided to downgrade a feature I pay for… needless to say i have cancelled my account let them know. I will wait for TrainerRoad to set AppleHealth integration.


It is another subscription, but it’s like $11/yr. It’s money, but for me, it’s worth it. I’ve been using it for a few years now.

Oooph. I just did the same thing today. I spent probably two hours uninstalling and reinstalling apps and messing with all of the settings because my calories were not syncing… now I know Strava has basically ruined the sync settings.

I don’t even get the point? It’s not like the Strava app even supports decent metrics when using the record metric. Isn’t this the same app that disabled heart rate monitors and power meters a few years ago?