Export workout to Apple health app?

Is it possible to export workout data to the Apple health app? I can’t find a way to do it.
I figured that as a workaround I could export workout data from my TICKR heart rate monitor, which I use when doing a TR workout, to the Wahoo Fitness app and thence to the Health app. But that data doesn’t seem to exist following a TR workout. Any suggestions?


I sync TR workouts to Strava, and Strava syncs to Health.


This, use Strava.

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Thanks for the tip. I’m currently not on Strava, so that option didn’t occur to me.

If you have a Garmin wearable, then TR-sync-to-Garmin might also sync the workout to Health using the Garmin Connect app

Yeah, Strava does sync to Apple Health but I’m affected by a bug that causes duplicate workouts to be synced to Apple Health. Complete poop show.

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RunGap app :+1:t2:

Yes, and Strava seems to have no interest in fixing the bug. It’s been over a year…

I open Activity app and delete one of the duplicates.

I could be wrong but the duplicate workouts don’t count double towards daily move targets do they? Sure I’ve looked at active calories burned against a workout that appears twice in Apple Health but my daily recorded calories only adds up to one workout expenditure.

I don’t remember. The duplicate workouts count towards miles. I even had Strava post 3 duplicates a few times. Its quite annoying, as other apps doesn’t have this problem.

Strava still hasn’t fixed it since admitting it was an issue over 2 years ago - see October 27 2016 post at bottom of this page: https://support.strava.com/hc/en-us/articles/216917527-Health-App-Integration?page=1#comments

Strava has a local flat 0.7 mile segment as a category 4 climb with 8% grade. It is along a canal, and perfectly flat. I’ve filed support tickets several times and the segment is still wrong. I’ve lost faith in Strava, and stopped paying for premium.

Not only does Strava still have an annoying duplication bug but Wahoo ELEMNT has a weird calorie calculation bug that Strava accepts as correct. So when Wahoo syncs its bogus caloric burn to Strava it in turn triplicates the data to Apple Activities. :exploding_head: :grimacing:

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I have used srtrava as a conduit to get data into apple health but don’t want to display my failed indoor rides any longer. Really need a direct export option. No, not on tha garmin platform. Please

Ive got an app to manually do the steps over Dropbox but it is awkward.

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@Dkmj just toggle all new activities to be private by default

TR to Strava, Strava to Apple Health.

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What settings do I have to apply where? Runs I recorded via Strava sync to health but forwarded workouts from TrainerRoad don’t. Using an iOS device. Any help is greatly appreciated.

There’s a bug with Strava and Apple Activity right now. They aren’t syncing correctly and the Move ring and calories aren’t being synced.


I’ve seen this too, I chalked it up to me being sloppy with the setup, but I’ve ended up having to basically ignore calorie counts coming through the Wahoo system.

I was just going to post about this!

I’d definitely prefer a native sync to Apple health from within TR. Most apps/systems these days does this. Trainingpeaks just added it to their app. The roundabout way over Strava takes time and is prone to sync errors/issues.

+1 for requesting this feature. I hate how Strava has become the fitness industries default option for workout storage/sync