Strava leaderboards no longer free

Can you attach permissions to TP and will it go cross platform? I have a Garmin F6X but saw apple health there so not sure it if would work to TR that way.

I didn’t pay for Strava during winter since I was riding indoors 99% of the time. But then I re-evaluated their service and payed for a full year and I plan on continuing so in the future as well. Even though I don’t use their service for data-evaluation it’s still nice to have it.


Its is “free” if you provide a CC and cancel within 60 days.

So not really free.

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This is SPOT ON. Haha!!

Yeah, even for summit. Been on that since the beginning.

I don’t know Garmin connect but what you describe is basically my experience. Like the Polar flow ecosystem which keeps things under extreme lock and key (which is a real shame since that is probably the best activity app i’ve used beyond apple health)

If I upload the file directly to strava it doesn’t forward either. It forwards any data from my apple watch or iphone so long as it was made with the Strava app.

I mean, in the grand scheme of things this is a minor “nuisance” in that I could always just upload the data to apple health with the healthfit app. That works perfect and fine.

But since I used Strava primarily to sync such data, that use case is out. And since I ride mostly indoors and non competitively…I have very limited use for strava at this point.

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Really don’t know the Garmin ecosystem so I can’t comment on that sorry.

But if everyone here could go and help request for a direct apple health feature for TR, I’d be super happy

Edit: The request I made is here

TR will sync direct to TP

Yeah, I know. I have that connected as well. Unfortunately, it doesn’t bounce to Today’s Plan.

Yup…thinking of spending my Strava money on that tbh.

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I’m speculating that Strava lost a chunk of funding and had to urgently look at how to fund their most expensive feature(s). Hence why they’ve given zero notice to devs about the API changes. I can’t think of any other reason why they’d give their API consumers zero notice.
I’ve become more ambivalent towards Strava over the past few years, but would definitely not want to see them go out of business.


yes, Strava segments are fun and I do like seeing epic weekend rides posted by friends. Hard to imagine a world without Strava.

speaking of which just saw this:


MSN Messenger.
Toys R Us.

I rode my bike pre-strava and I’ll ride it post-strava. Life goes on.



MSN Messenger -> we have other types of messanger like fb and google.
Polaroid -> we have our cellphones
Toys R Us -> Amazon
Blockbuster -> Netflix

Maybe in the future:
Strava -> TR


Hard to imagine because if Strava disappeared tomorrow it would be missed. Nothing to replace it at the present, at least in my corner of the world.


Some other company will replace it.
For free? Probably not…

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sure but like I said if Strava went “poof” and disappeared tomorrow I would miss it. Just saying it is hard to imagine not being inspired everyday by seeing friends doing bad-ass feats of athleticism :muscle: :biking_man: :swimming_man: :running_man: :mountain: :muscle:


Not really. Strava only made us think we needed strava. We don’t. I’m not sure any serious athlete relies on strava for much of anything. As other’s have said, it’s a social platform disguised as a performance tool.


^ see above, I’ll just agree to disagree. “We” don’t think Strava is necessary, its not oxygen or food or shelter, “I” simply enjoy seeing so many people doing feats of athleticism on roads I’ve traveled and want to travel.

My Strava feed is filled with daily inspiration, so refreshing and why I stay away from most social platforms.

Like last night… heading back into town I missed out on an epic ride with people I enjoy including a bad ass lady thats been going to Kona for 20 years… 26mph at 231W that would have been a fun ride back from the river (the local young stud was pulling at 360W)

ride on my forum friends! :biking_man:


I guess since I’m fairly anti social I’m in the definitely wouldn’t miss Strava camp. I pretty much would rather jump in front of a bus than go on a group ride lol.

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A note from the Strava founders.
For what it’s worth I’ll keep subscribing.