Question about local .fit files from TrainerRoad


So I have been having a bit of an issue trying to get my apple watch to record calories from my ride in TR when I upload the .fit file to Apple Health. Initially, I was able to do so without any problem for the past few months.

About 2 weeks ago, I noticed that Apple Health wasn’t logging any calories from my ride as usual. It was identifying that I had exercised a certain amount but never logging any calories. This was very odd. I chalked it up to being potentially an issue with Apple Health and made a feature request to have TR export to Apple Health directly to avoid this issue.

Upon further inspection, I realize that the .fit file from TR doesn’t actually have any calories logged in it anymore. I noticed this by exporting the same ride that I did in zwift using zwift’s .fit file (I use both alongside each other). Zwift’s fit file has both location as well as calorie data which means that Apple Health can easily incorporate both when logging activities.

I just wanted to ask, was there some fundamental change to TR that omitted calorie info? If not, is this simply a bug on my end and should I try installing and re-installing the software or wait for the big app update?


Edit: Further inspection in my local files makes it look like the recent files where I have had a problem are .fit files from TR. Traditionally, TR used .tcx files. Was this a sudden change?

i use the automatic TR export function to Training Peaks & Strava and there i see may calories, anyway i use Windows PC and Android!

Yeah, I have zwift and TR export to both platforms. On TP, the calories are logged for TR. It looks like the local files held by you don’t seem to have the calorie data in it.

Hey! This wasn’t an intentional decision when going to .fit files, and we’re looking into the fix! :v: :sparkles:

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I am waiting for the day TR reports directly into Apple Health and this is seamless. Until then I wear my watch and record an Indoor Cycle when doing a TR workout. If you look at total kcal on AW the calories are pretty dang close to kJs from TR and my 4iiii left side crank. If you only look at active calories on the AW it will not match up and be under what TR has. At least this has been my n=1 experience.

Outdoor workout rides are much better since Wahoo reports into Apple Heath an no need for wearing the watch then.

There’s definitely an open feature request for this. We hear ya! :crossed_fingers:

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FREEZE FRAME Yup , that’s me . You’re probably wondering who keeps requesting this feature :slight_smile:

Sorry to be annoying, just been diagnosing the problem and realized the .fit files and what not.

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HAHA NO! We super appreciate you helping us constantly improve and meet the needs of our athletes to the best of our abilities! Truly, not annoying, we promise. :relaxed:

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