Failed Recovery Week, add Another?

With the current lockdown in the UK I’ve found I’ve got enough time to move to high-volume training but I feel like I bungled my recovery week.

The weather was brilliant here so while I kept the time on the bike to target, my TSS ended up quite a bit higher than it should have been, finishing the week at 500 instead of the prescribed 360, only slightly lower than my rolling 6-week average.

Unsurprisingly, I finished the week not feeling overly fresh and rearing to go into the next block of HV Short Power Build and I think my ramp test reflected this with <2% improvement. With no races on the horizon here, is there any downside to bumping my training plan a week and inserting another week of (actual) low-intensity and perhaps slightly lower volume?

I think that’s definitely the right thing to do, especially as this appears to be your first attempt at High Volume training.

I’m in a similar boat. Just did 3 weeks ramping up from 700 to 800 TSS per week, then ended up doing two different FTP tests this weekend after the recovery week. Didn’t feel particularly ready to jump into a big 90 minute session yesterday, so I’m replacing the Week 1 Tue-Thu sessions with easier rides, and will jump back into the training plan on Saturday.

You could easily do the same. You’ve already done the ramp test, so that’s Tuesday of short power build sorted. Take today easy or rest. Tomorrow, why not try replacing Flume +2 with Cadillac, which is a shorter, taper version of similar intervals, just to get your legs ready for the intensity to come. Then Friday easy and jump into the plan properly on Saturday with Bondcliff +1, then just keep it going from there.


How do you feel? Are you fresh? Do you want to do intervals? If so just move on. If not rest for a couple more days.

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If in doubt, err on the side of recovery