Plan Builder Question - Skip rest week or skip first week of new phase?


So I started training Nov 19. My current plan I made has me just finishing SSB2-LV. This coming up week is supposed to be my rest week and then next week I start my first build phase.

I wanted to get on the plan builder train so I thought I’d try punching it in, adding my A and B races and see where it puts me. As it so happens to be, PB has me starting my build phase next week, skipping my current rest week. Do I follow plan builder and hop right into my build (sustain build LV) which would mean another 3x weeks before a rest week? Or do I keep with the rest week and then do a ramp test the following Tuesday and then continue on week 2 of the build phase (essentially skip the first week of build and rest instead)?


I’d have some rest. Depending on how fatigued you are, a few days might do, especially if you’re on a LV plan. Then start with the ramp test and the first week of build, and if necessary finish build a bit early.

With “few days” I mean, you could for example do two of the recovery workouts on Tuesday and Thursday, then ramp test on the Saturday and maybe even do the first build workout on the Sunday. Then do the Saturday workout next Tuesday, and so on. That means you’ll only be one workout behind.