I rebuilt season with PB and it didn't put in a rest week--How do I edit Plan

I was a couple of weeks into SSB2 and re-scheduled my A race to October (Wilmington Whiteface). I back dated my start time to last January sinde I’ve been on TR all along. Plan Builder started me on May 4 with Build but no rest week for three weeks. That’d make 5 weeks and I did overshoot my mid 400 TSS weeks to over 500 those two weeks before editing the plan. After this week of build, the legs are getting cooked and feel two more weeks will be too much this early in the season. No races until Sept.

Sorry for the long background…

  1. How do I pull the rest week two weeks in the future to the week starting May 11?
  2. How should I handle the two weeks of build that should’ve started May 11? I think I could handle 4 weeks of build before the next week (maybe) but five may be a mistake (I’m 51 and have been doing structured interval training for about 15 years–and know I need recovery weeks not too far apart).

Thanks for advice in advance!