Exporting TR (planned) workouts to intervals.icu

Still testing if TR is good for me, which seems to have a largely positive answer;-)

However, I still prefer intervals.icu for analysis, by a lot, over the TR calendar and career pages.

What I am missing here, however, is the planned workout, i.e., the prescribed power over time curve in the workout. That needs an associated planned workout in I.icu…

Thus, can one get erg/mrc/zwo files of the workouts in one’s own training plan?
Any other suggestions to easily add the workouts to I.icu – beyond just recreating them by hand:-o

Yes, I have seen discussions here on the forum on the missing ability to export such workout (files).
This is why I also put this in as a feature request and to see how this could be accomplished in due course, as otherwise this missing part might actually turn me away from TR in the end. Other (machine-learning) adaptive training-plan generators happily let you export erg/mrc files (but have other shortcomings compared to TR;-)

sure, that would be a nice feature, atm you can only share TR Calendar on intervals.icu with the name,description, planned TSS of the workout but no files for export the workout himself!

Anyway TR is so good, so this missing feature is acceptable for me!

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How does one do that?

Edit: Found it –> How to sync TR calendar to intervals.icu
Thank you @fl33tStA!

Well, thus that’s a feature request then;-)
I.e., yesterdays (anaerobic capacity) workout in TR had quite some deviation from the prescribed power levels, as my Direto was apparently not getting the power right in ERG mode:-o Would at least be good to see that also in the individual-workout analysis (in i.icu).

In fact, I personally don’t need the files, I’d like some way of getting the prescribed power into the i.icu analysis. Maybe it could also be part of the actual (performed) workout file?

in the intervals.icu settings (where you can set power & hr zones) you have an option to enable “Use laps for intervals” so you have the lap information of TR when its finished, hope this helps:

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yesterday i struggeled with “Red Kaweah -2” so intervals.icu says i reached only 94% of the workout instead of 100%

the day before i got 100%:

Yes, I do this. But I still don’t know – after the fact – where, in which intervals, ERG mode was putting me at too low power:-o
Which would be easy to see in i.icu if the prescribed power line was there.

In TR, on the other hand, I cannot analyze that much/easily from the plot

It doesn’t look that bad, you’ll never get an exact trace of the power target anyway, depending on your gearing/trainer/powermatch settings.

I can’t see TR allowing you to export workouts on bulk to intervals, what is to stop someone ripping off the entire library? They need to protect their IP somehow. You can already export a workout for outdoor usage. You can see the intervals in .icu once you have completed the workout, and the NP/Av power for each interval for analysis.

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sorry, my english is not so good, you mean to compare your real power to the suggested?

you can zoom in the intervals:

the yellow line is over or under of the suggested target power, you mean that?

otherwise, hopefully someone other can help

Yes, in principle you can do that;-) But for a workout like the one I showed above this takes “ages”.
Whereas in i.icu, with it’s analyzed data above the individual intervals, it takes a few seconds to see the performance and relevant analysis of a whole workout…

True, plus it really is of absolutely no importance. Your body doesnt recognise these extremely minor differences.

If you really want the power trace to be on or just over the target (if you setup is always under) just hit the +1 on intensity during the interval or better still turn off erg and generate the power to old fashioned way, gearing and cadence (like in the real world… think you might find that a bit more over / under but arguably better training.

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I’m not sure I understand what you’re after. It looks to me like you did fine on that workout and just had a bit of Erg lag ramping up the intervals, which is completely normal. You nailed it.

Are you expecting those lines to be perfectly straight? If so, that’s not how the human body works. You can’t hold an exact wattage. Sorry if I’m misunderstanding.


This graph was just yesterdays workout as an example. Nothing to worry about.

What I am trying to accomplish is to use the advanced (and much faster) analysis of i.icu. To this end, I wish to have the prescribed workout power curve of my workouts in i.icu.

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i think you can do this with TR Outside workouts in Garmin, when the workout is finished you see a line with target power and your real power.

Or, if you have TrainingPeaks Premium you can do similar things, you can send a workout to TR and when it is finished you see in TP if you are over/under the target power.

Thats the thing you want, or?

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I THINK (but could absolutely be wrong) they’re looking for something similar to the XERT power curve analysis.

@fl33tStA , yes, that’s exactly what I am looking for! :slight_smile:
Now only that I have a Wahoo and want to use i.icu instead of TrainingPeaks :wink:

this are the only both ways i know atm

This only way to do this is by creating the workout ‘by hand’ in intervals.icu (or another platform that allows you to export a .zwo/.mrc file etc and then import it to intervals.icu) or by means which will be against the terms of service for TR and copyright etc.

I think the use of “curve” from the OP is confusing here. I think the OP is wanting to see actual vs. planned completion of a workout - something like this…

To do this I had to create the planned workout in intervals.icu


Didn’t know this feature, thanks!

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I understand what you want to do, but for business reasons TR has limited exports to Garmin and Wahoo bike computers.

Looking at that graph, my personal opinion is that what you are analyzing doesn’t really matter in the big picture. And interval-to-interval differences say more about your trainer and behavior of your legs-vs-erg - for example I can make changes in how I output power (cadence and/or application of force across pedal stroke), and that can make a difference in actual power output. And then you have to consider the error margin of your power meter.

My suggestion is to focus on the big picture. Either do a) a quick visual inspection in TR, or b) turn off erg and do those like you would outside and then analyze. That doesn’t solve your problem, sorry. My thought is you should redefine the problem - its not about precisely hitting targets - and refocus the attention of your analysis.

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Interesting what you said about ERG lag being normal. I have been experiencing this lag on short intervals of 30s and finding it difficult to ramp to target power in a short space of time so I have been using the brakes on my SB20 to instantaneously increase resistance.
This seems to be causing problems however because when I release the brakes the cadence goes way too high.
Approximately what duration should normal ERG lag be?