Thoughts on data breakdown

What do people take from the website ???


It’s limited in it’s capabilities but it’s nice to have that kind of visualization available. “Oooohhh look at all that time in sweet spot”


What are the most important things missing?


To be honest, it doesn’t provide anything I cant get in Wko4.

I like the ease of use for the TiZ report and the HR decoupling report, they are easy to look at and the app is structured well in general. I also really appreciate the format of their power curve page, it provides a good amount of information without too much detail (if I want detail I will look on Wko4). The last thing to mention would be their automatic interval pulling, its cool but by no means useful +80% of the time.

If TR would include a weekly TiZ report in the calendar I would have significantly less reasons to use


Lol, but unlike wko4, it’s free!

David’s doing a great job with it :+1:


Don’t get me wrong, I really like it for what it is, and a lot of that is the nice user interface.


“What you need to be coached or self-coach in a nice accessible web-based UI + social features” is the goal for, not to try provide all the analysis (and learning curve) of Golden Cheatah or WKO. However I am looking to add more advanced analysis where its useful to lots of people and explainable with some visualisations (e.g. the de-coupling stuff).

Busy with better support for HR only activities at the moment (e.g. HR intervals).


Tried it on advice from here the other week - instant impact, so clear and just works (my favourite feature of any software!).

What more I would want from it right now I don’t know, but I am more in a ‘pre-training plan’ phase at the moment.


Just another TP/WKO4 wannabe. How 'bout adding some novel ways of analysing data (like ML)?

It has some of that: FTP estimation from single max efforts and TSS estimation from HR zone data or average HR and activity duration.


I love and recently turned my buddy on to it. Ultimate he made a video featuring the website.

As discussed before, my only request would be a lower threshold power indicator similar to xert and a iOS app that displays the very basics like current PMC markers and Power profile numbers.



What I like aout is that it provides a lot of stuff really clearly without having to be an expert in analysis tools. Eg the weekly breakdown of time-in-zone, the season best power, and heart rate data. I am sure it will continue to improve. They perhaps could do more for runners, but what’s not to like! AG


I haven’t done a deep dive…but haven’t found a way to set a different time period (for example,i want to look at my results overall for week 1+2+3+4+6 as week 5 was recovery week)
Maybe different ways to visualize (although the horizontal bar charts are pretty clear) , for what i use it for (weekly stats overall) i like it though.

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Unfortunately I won’t be able to do an IOS or Android app any time soon. Thats a lot of extra work and the time is probably better spent improving the web app (which works on all platforms) and specifically making it work better on small screens.


I’ll tell you the features I like most:

1.) Decent integration of HR-based TSS and Power-based TSS on the ‘Fitness’ graph. Keeps all those sneaky stop sign sprints on my daily commute from sneaking up on me.
2.) I really like the time-in-zone breakout on the calendar. I really like the way the site tries to ‘best fit’ my time in zone data to a training protocol. Oh, you were trying for a polarized approach? Sorry, bozo, this is a pyramid.
3.) I use the cardiac drift analysis on the Activity Power page quite a lot. Although I’ve never set up my heart rate zones, there is an Activity HR page that has some info, too.

4.) AND FINALLY, a feature that I love but maybe not to many folks will care about, there are interesting links all over documenting WHY a given part of the site is doing what it does & HOW it’s doing what it does. I like that.


Agreed on all counts. I find it a great tool overall and value the “extra” stuff I pull from it that TR lacks.


+1 for all of this


Yes! Exactly. It compliments TR extremely well. I really appreciate the T.I.Z. data as I’m giving polarized training a try. Syncing the TR Calendar is a great tool as well.

I just did a ramp test today on T.R. and Intervals ICU showed only a 2 watt difference .5%. I thought that was very impressive.

Intervals ICU reminds me of TR when I first stumbled upon it. Really see the benefit in it and hope like heck my competitors don’t find out about it. :slight_smile:


This thread nicely illustrates why cycling is falling behind other sports when it comes to application of sports analytics. Everybody is living in the past (HR? really?), instead of trying to come up with innovative ways of guiding training.

You’re going to cherry pick that one detail out of everything else discussed here, and then effectively discount all the other work because of that?

HR use may be old, but it is still has purpose as supplemental info at the least, and possibly primary info at most (for those that can’t afford a power meter). Making accommodations for it doesn’t necessarily mean that more/better ways are excluded.

They can all potentially coexist and serve as parallel data for validation. No different than thinking about RPE, nutrition and other things that are not as “scientific” either.

There’s research into things like muscle oxygen sensors and likely more I don’t even know about. But those are still experimental and the actual use cases for them don’t really seem concrete.

Where then, should we be headed?
What other sports are exceeding this development and with what methods?