🎉 Build & Sync Custom Workouts from Training Peaks & Final Surge 🎉

For those of you working with a coach or creating workouts using TrainingPeaks or Final Surge, it’s now going to be that much easier to create custom workouts and push them into TrainerRoad. :tada:

You now have the ability to push your planned structured workouts to TrainerRoad from either platform. This allows you or a coach to build a workout to be completed on the TrainerRoad app without needing to use the TrainerRoad Workout Creator.

For the complete step-by-step, check out our support articles:

A few key points and questions:

  • Syncing with each platform will require setting up RideSync. For TrainingPeaks specifically, you will need to re-authorize the platform if it was already connected.

  • Workouts must be built using %FTP.

  • How many days of workouts will TrainerRoad pull?
    We pull workouts from today and up to the next 2 calendar days.

  • What if I need to edit a workout?
    No problem! Make your edits within either TrainingPeaks or Final Surge, and select the “Pull Workouts” button from the ride sync page of TrainerRoad.

  • Why can’t I move workouts once they are in TrainerRoad?
    Since we attempt to pull updates several times a day, if you manually moved a workout it would be moved back due to it still being scheduled on the original date within TrainingPeaks or Final Surge.

  • I input cadence targets but they aren’t showing. Where are they?
    Since TrainerRoad doesn’t support cadence targets, we don’t pull those over when we pull a workout.


Working here… and a big THANK YOU!!!

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Holy hell! Yes!

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This is awesome! Wasn’t expecting at all, this changes a lot!


I don’t use these so this is useless to me and I demand trainerroad do stuff to appease me lol

Sorry, just being a troll, I think I had promised in another thread to complain if there was a new feature that didn’t apply to me. But seriously, it’s a nice feature, TR keeps making great tweaks!


Awesome! This is a huge time saver, being the OCD type to keep multiple calendars in sync manually!!

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Interesting for sure and nice to have the option.

Edit: now bring that new updated app out so I never have to go on Safari again please :grinning:



I have transitioned away from using TR because I started one-on-one coaching. My coach doesn’t use TR and I found workout builder a pain. I have loved using Zwift for the fact my rides from TrainingPeaks are just there ready to go on the day they’re planned for!


any way we can pull workouts that are more than 2 days out

Thank you.

This is not working for me at all.
I have tried a library bike workout and a newly created workout.
I have manually used the Pull Workout button as well as completely removing trainingpeaks authorization and reconnecting it.

screenshot of the workout

@ryanppax thanks for reporting this. I have an engineer taking a look at your account now to see what the issue is.

@ryanppax we spotted the issue and are working on a fix. It appears the files sent over included an additional planned calories field that is in the wrong format. Once that is fixed your rides should come through fine. We may not have a permanent fix before Monday, but one of our engineers is going to try a local fix so he can at least pull your workouts scheduled currently.


That is really awesome! Thank you!
This is perfect timing for me. This week I started a Trainingpeaks Plan and was not so happy how Zwift handles erg mode. Now I can enjoy the TR quality app even more.

Can someone give the quick rundown of the difference between TP workout creator vs. TR?

I generally perceive this mainly is for people using a coach, hence having to have TP?

Did you just share this so we could all see your CTL is 127? :wink:


TP premium only or… you have a coach that adds workouts or… you bought a training plan on TP.

Edit: if you have TP premium and can make your own workouts, the creator is much easier to use than TR’s workout creator.

In the past, you would have to export from TP and then import into TR’s Workout Creator, and then go to TR and add the new workout to your calendar, or search for it at the time of execution. It saves multiple steps.

Now that’s what I call top notch support! Nice feature too btw.

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