Feature Request - Ride Sync with Intervals.icu

It would be great to pull workouts from Intervals.icu directly into the TrainerRoad calendar.

Exporting workouts from Intervals.icu and importing them into the TrainerRoad Workout Creator and then populating the TrainerRoad calendar to execute on the indoor trainer is a bit tedious.

Pushing completed workouts to Intervals.icu is fine. I am uploading workouts from TrainerRoad to Intervals.icu via Strava (this works faultlessly). I pull health data only from Garmin into Intervals.icu. The functionality to selectively synchronize data from Garmin into Intervals.icu is a fantastic feature.

Intervals.icu has very simple and powerful custom workout and training plan creation tools. With this it provides in-depth analysis for single workouts, overall plan creation and post-ride analytics beyond anything I’ve every seen. For those of us that are data driven it is an exceptional tool and I highly recommend it. David has done an exceptional job.


Still no progress on this. The current way of manually importing every single workout individually is terrible. I’m so disappointed there is still no solution to this.


Apologies, this is not currently on our roadmap but I’ve passed this along to the team again for consideration.


When viewing completed workouts and rides online, at the bottom of the page there are a series of links to various online platforms that users can sync their TR account to (Strava, Garmin Connect, Training Peaks, etc). Any chance of adding a link to @davidtinker’s excellent Intervals.icu platform so we can view the workout directly on Intervals without having to open Intervals ourselves and then find and select the workout in question?

I understand that the data for TR workouts (when viewed in Intervals - edit) is pulled from Strava, which is in turn synced to my TR account. Can’t help but think it would be simpler and more convenient for users to just click on an Intervals link to go straight to the workout in question. I’d love to see TR working more closely with Intervals and in future maybe even fully incorporating Intervals analytics into TR itself.


Good idea. And please please please if you’re using intervals.icu be sure to donate to David, I’m sure a little bit goes a long way.

disclaimer: not affiliated with intervals.icu, just a big fan of it.


I would totally support this as a feature but I think you have your data flow reversed.
That section and list of services is where TrainerRoad pushes the workouts to, not so much view; although clearly as they push you can view it on that service.

In essence what we would like is for TrainerRoad to adopt intervals.icu as a Ride Sync partner and push completed workouts into the platform :ok_hand:


Merged to the appropriate thread. I’ll bump this to the team.


@IvyAudrain its some month ago, any updates here?

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@zoboldfuk, this has not been moved onto the roadmap. As with all feature requests, we will continue to monitor interest and weigh them against our current priorities.I realise that you are already aware of these options so I am sharing these for anyone who may not be aware. You have a couple of options at the moment:

  1. Keep using intervals.icu (I appreciate this can be a hassle, as you mentioned)
  1. Change to a different platform so that it is automatic

For reasons outlined here (Intervals.icu hitting Strava rate limits - big consequences for TR users! - #2 by mcneese.chad), this feature suddenly got a bit more important - for most TR users intervals.icu will simply stop working soon.

I’m a triathlete and intervals.icu makes TR a lot more pleasant to use, because a lot of the data digging for running and swimming, load calculation, running FTP and power curve/pace analysis, and so on, can be done on intervals.icu while TR (very slowly) extends its own running support and integration.


Voting my +1 in favor of this request.

There are ways around it (Garmin Connect, DropBox, etc.), but a direct solution would be appreciated.



As an IT business analyst i see these types of requests all the time in my job.
While integration is important, an easy and reliable workaround exists (requires one-time setup, then is seamless).

If this being worked on, something else will get pushed out. Given that there are plenty of requests for which there is no workaround, I’d hope TR Product Managers focus on those first.

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You mean setting up Dropbox specifically for TrainerRoad? Or did you have another solution in mind? Garmin Connect does not work for this.

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+1 here


Yes. Takes about 5 minutes and it’s free.


+1 for this request