Feature Request - Ride Sync with Intervals.icu

It would be great to pull workouts from Intervals.icu directly into the TrainerRoad calendar.

Exporting workouts from Intervals.icu and importing them into the TrainerRoad Workout Creator and then populating the TrainerRoad calendar to execute on the indoor trainer is a bit tedious.

Pushing completed workouts to Intervals.icu is fine. I am uploading workouts from TrainerRoad to Intervals.icu via Strava (this works faultlessly). I pull health data only from Garmin into Intervals.icu. The functionality to selectively synchronize data from Garmin into Intervals.icu is a fantastic feature.

Intervals.icu has very simple and powerful custom workout and training plan creation tools. With this it provides in-depth analysis for single workouts, overall plan creation and post-ride analytics beyond anything I’ve every seen. For those of us that are data driven it is an exceptional tool and I highly recommend it. David has done an exceptional job.


Still no progress on this. The current way of manually importing every single workout individually is terrible. I’m so disappointed there is still no solution to this.

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Apologies, this is not currently on our roadmap but I’ve passed this along to the team again for consideration.

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