I get this is outside of TR's remit but

I’m toying with Pyramidal/Polarised training and using TR workouts in addition to Workout Creator to adjust as I see necessary according to my planned objectives. So all my workouts are within the calendar and are all power based.

Does anyone know if there is a way of looking at the planned week of workouts and seeing how much time will be spent in each zone? This could be within TR or an external process. I accept I could use pen, paper and calculator…but I’m lazy.

Intervals.ICU does this retropsectively, at least recording & reporting on what you actually achieved, but having a clear cut analysis of where my plan is going to put me would be useful.


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Intervals will show you what your time in each zone is if you sync your TR calendar to it. Here’s mine with the rest of the scheduled week, one outdoor hammer ride done and bald knob done yesterday


That’s http://intervals.icu


Heh yea sorry I didn’t bother with a link cause OP had it in their post but probably helpful for everyone else :+1:t4:

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Sounds exactly right, thank you very much :+1:

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Just done it, all of 30 seconds to solve the calendar export. Thank you :clap:

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Weird, my Intervals.icu doesn’t show that. It shows the week and the rides, but not the zone breakdown for future weeks. What am I doing wrong?

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I’ve never seen the projected TID either, just completed workouts/weeks.

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I don’t use intervals.icu, but taking a quick look at the website, they primarily use Strava.

But, I did see that you can import your calendar. So, maybe it’s a combination of exporting your TR calendar (Account->Profile->calendar export) and then importing that into intervals.icu.

If you look, you will see that he and I already have our planned TR calendar linked.

See the top two on this list that are projected with no data, and the bottom one that has just one workout and limited, but existing Zone info.

So there is something more than the initial link that must be done?

Edit to tag @davidtinker to see if he can help.

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How are you synching your calendar? For me, It’s TR to Strava to Intervals.icu.

Wondering if we are somehow synching differently and that’s why @mcneese.chad and I don’t see it but @Cleanneon98 does?

I’d love to help but honestly do not remember how I did this. Pretty sure my TR is directly linked to intervals though because I don’t think Strava keeps record of future scheduled workouts because it lacks a calendar, so I don’t see how it would be able to be the connecting link for TR and Intervals

Thanks. I don’t see a direct link in either TR or Intervals. It appears it has to go through Strava or Garmin

All I know is if I schedule a plan on TR, it will appear in the intervals calendar within about 20 seconds and will also give a future projection of the fitness/fatigue you can expect. I just don’t know HOW :rofl:

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Intervals.icu only gets the name of the planned workout, the description, the TSS and time from the calendar export. So unfortunately it can’t do “time in zones” breakdown. That would require an MRC or ERG file or similar for the workout.

TR could add an API to provide that data but then someone bad could easily harvest their whole workout library. I am not bad but still it would be a risky thing for them to do.


Click on Options along the top I think this is where you must select the appropriate options

Right, I already have that option selected:

And I get the desired data for COMPLETED workouts.

But there was a claim that we can see the PENDING / PLANNED workouts from TR (per the request of the OP), which seems to be untrue based on what David just confirmed.

So we can’t seem to find FUTURE plan distribution, just COMPLETED, therefore it falls short of the desire from the OP (and the rest of us that hoped to learn the planned TID).

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For polarised you only need to total up the easy / hard workouts. The 80/20 is based on sessions not time in zone.

I realised it doesn’t - I’m going to look for something else. It was shifting the workouts on-board I thought it’d then do it…but sadly it didn’t.
EDIT just read David’s reply. Think that explains it.

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