Ending SSB2/Rescheduling Ramp test

I’ve just finished the last hard week of SSB2-MV. My issues is that my Ramp test to start the build plan is that same Tuesday of my first club/drop ride of the season. Where can I move the ramp test? If I move the ramp test to the Sunday before what modifications would I need to make to the recovery week?

Extra info: My A race isn’t until the end of September. Im doing Rolling Road race build to address limiters then repeating some base before finishing with with build and speciality.

I’d just Ramp Test on Monday if you are coming off a recovery week. I tend to be a little flat coming out of recovery week as well, so I usually swap in an opener workout like Truuli for the day before (Sunday, in this instance).

That would get you nice and ready for the cub ride on Tuesday.

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I second doing Truuli or Truuli -1 the day or two before ramp!