SSB is down, Build is next. need advice for the coming week

I have completed SSB1 and SSB2 and the next one sustained power build. As per my schedule, it is starting from this Sunday. Getting ready for Santini GF Stelvio in June.

But there is race coming up on 22nd Feb (100K). What should I do? Take coming week off and then race and start the plan or start the plan and do the race as a part of it.


My suggestion:

  • Sunday Ramp Test
  • Monday Fletcher
  • Tuesday Red Lake +8
  • Wednesday Rest
  • Thursday Truuli
  • Friday Race
  • Saturday Recovery

Rationale: a 100k race will probably include a decent amount of threshold and sweet spot riding which can take the place of the over-under workout and the SS workout. With a day of rest, you should be okay to tackle the 90 second VO2 max workout for week 2 and keep going with the plan.