Doing events when on a Training Plan

Hi all

New to TR and got to say im loving it. Such a good tool for training. At the moment I am on a low volume training plan. My absolute rule is to not over-train BUT my situation is this: I am club cyclist and I like to get out on club rides and do club events. Often these rides can be taxing (for example last week, we did a ride taking in ALL of the local climbs over a short mileage, so it was pretty intense). My question is, how do people mix a training plan with continuing to, well, just ride and do events?

At the moment, I will either drop a training plan session if I have done a hard ride or event. Is this the done thing or will this interrupt my training to much?

Just looking for opinion, I am fairly new to training, having done my first time trial season last year.

Thanks all!

Iā€™m a fairly active club cyclist going by my trophy for the most competitive club cyclist this year. I used to do a MV plan and drop the weekend sessions when club rides came up but with the introduction of Adaptive Training support told me it would calculate better if I was on a LV plan and just added outdoors rides. During the club TT season I schedule them in as ā€˜Cā€™ races.

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