Cancelled Events and Custom Training Plan

I’ve tried my best to search for a suitable thread but there’s nothing quite right. So if you don’t mind, I’ve started this thread which I hope benefits others too.

I started a custom training plan with the new TR software, based on a 300km audax event in April, a 400 in May and a 600 in June.

Here in the UK, all cycling events have been scrapped and it’s unknown what will happen. Maybe they will be deleted from the calendar, maybe rescheduled. No one knows.

Shall I keep my current plan? Shall I delete my current training plan and start over? As long distance riding is now firmly discouraged and frowned upon I have no target events or goal rides.

I’m in a complete quandary. Help!

Thanks all.

What stage in the plan were you? Just go back to build or even base and start again to put miles in.

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we’re hoping that things clear up sooner than later, and no better time to work on weaknesses or some self imposed testing to see if you nailed the fitness for events that are in the next few weeks (many athletes were just winding up a big block or starting a taper, so a good time to do it!)

posted this, hope it helps bring you clarity. cheers mate!


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Nearing the end of Build.

Thanks all. I cancelled down my plan and started from scratch…

…sort of. I’m going to give MV a whirl having only ever done LV.

And so help me god. Any god.