Ramp test visibility [feature request]

At the end of the ramp test, well the bit where you blow up, the dialog that pops up is both hard to read and confusing. I’ve hit the wrong button on several occasions and the test has resumed. I don’t think I’m the only one, see 3mins into this video to see what I’m doing and talking about as he does the same.


It may be that it’s the SW library in use, I think it’s React on mobile/iPad, that means the dialog text is so small but I think it would be better if the dialog was clearer: just two options: “Keep going” and “I’m done!”.

The second dialog is also hard to read when you’ve been eyeballs out, there’s too much text there. The dialog should just be three big buttons:

“Accept new FTP of xxx”
“Keep old FTP of xxx”
“Discard workout”


I turn off “instructional text” for ramp test. I find them annoying and I’m not able to read them anyways.


Also, I find symbols and corresponding colors helpful:



I think it says “Repeat test: yes/yes?” :wink:

But true you are absolutely right: at super high BPM it should be easier to conclude the session safely and not loose the results.

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It’s not the instructional test that’s under discussion but the accept/decline dialogs at the end of the test that I think need improving.

Certainly no harm in having larger, separated boxes with bolder text to avoid quivering jelly fingers deleting a hard-achieved new FTP!

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I wish the ramp test (or any of the ftp tests) results pop up would be saved in a history folder for lookup to see how much you increased or dropped in ftp from the last test. I’ve not accepted new ftp results at times and then the actual result of the ramp test seems to be lost forever (unless I’m missing something).

Even looking at old ramp tests you can’t see the pop up window results unless you accepted the results it seems to me. The listed “ftp setting” at the time of workout is only tied to accepting the ramp test result and if rejected shows the previous setting.

Would love for a link to be generated that has those updated ftp results pop up saved in my user profile history. Instead of trying to remember to save a screenshot before closing exiting.

That ftp history in one’s profile is a perfect place to store this and can help differentiate between actual test results and manual changes. It just instead shows numbers and dates but not an actual time of day or how that number came to be (no manual or ramp test result data field). Having that would help me remember when I manually changed things right after a ramp test result and such.

So you just want to have the ability to recount that Ramp Test result if you discard it?
I think as log as you save the ride (ie save the ride but not accept the new FTP), the support team can always access your ride log and let you know.

I’ll definitely pass along to the team that it would be cool to see a record not just of FTP’s you’ve accepted, rather a record of Ramp Test results. :v:


Yes, that would be nice. To me seems kind of asinine to have to email support to have them look up something that should already be generated/embedded in the workout file that is generated. Support should be spending their time on more important things than looking at ftp tests results for people (like fixing the USB android app ant+ device stability that I’ve complained about in a few other threads and to support a couple of times).

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Definitely! Thanks for expanding upon that, have passed this request along to the team for consideration! Cheers.

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To me, the usability of the software on a PC is lacking in almost all respects. It’s not a typical desktop application. If any input is needed from me at all, it almost always requires me getting off my bike, retrieving my glasses, and getting close to the monitor to wade through whatever (mostly useless) text to understand what I need to do. I suggest that the team is not doing enough testing from a bike under realistic conditions.

I can’t read the bloomin’ text (on an iPad) with my glasses!

It’s the use of the word “continue” that’s confusing: continue on the ramp or continue to the recovery/warm down part of the test? The only way you know is by reading the other part of the dialog which is “finish”.

I don’t think it’s because the team haven’t done enough testing it’s because they have. They know what the paths through the test are because they designed the test.

As per my original post, the options just need to be much simpler and clearer.

If your lost the result of the ramp test (or the 20 minute test for that matter), you can simply extract and calculate is from your 1 minute power from the PR chart:

402*0,75 = 301

same for 20 minute test:


(yes my 20 minute is significantly lower, but threshold workouts where killing me, because they where just over threshold instead of just below or on)

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