Accessing ramp test FTP estimation

Is there any way to view a ramp test estimated FTP after the ramp test is completed? I accidentally hit discard new FTP, but would like to view and accept the new FTP. Thanks!

I don’t think there is an official way, but you can get there by looking at the ramp test workout in your history. Scroll down to personal records and find your best 1 minute power for the workout. Take that number and multiply by .75.

That should be your new FTP.

Would be great if someone else could confirm my understanding.

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If you contact support, they can generally retrieve deleted workouts, especially if it’s uploaded to your feed.

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Yes, contact to get the official FTP.

But you can commonly take the best 1-minute power and multiply by 0.75 to get your estimated FTP from the Ramp Test.

  • The exception comes if you have some major jumps in power in that final minute, TR does some review and manipulation to nullify that surge. But in most cases, that is not an issue, and the above calculation is correct.
  • So, to be certain, an email to support is the best option.
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Hi There!

A TR Support Agent can definitely help you out with this. :smile:

I have asked that an agent reach out to your as soon as they can. So, you should get an email from us soon with an update about your FTP score!

If anyone else is has an FTP test or other ride that they would like us to look into, just drop us a line at and we would be happy to check it out!