Does Bonking Make You Faster, Making VO2max Easy, and More - Ask a Cycling Coach 390

Does bonking make you faster, making VO2 easy and trivia (queue applause from everyone besides Nate and Chad) :slight_smile:

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  • 0:16 Does Bonking Make You Faster?
  • 20:04 How VO2max work becomes easy
  • 36:42 Should you fuel your strength workouts?
  • 52:03 Trivia!
  • 58:35 How to not lose fitness in the off-season
  • 1:07:15 Why gels make people sick / training on a budget
  • 1:19:22 Live Questions


Modest Glycogen Depletion May Impact Lifting Performance More than You Think

2018 Review, Murray & Rosenbloom, Fundamentals of Glycogen Metabolism for Coaches and Athletes

The Superman Position
The Tuck Position
L’Alpe d’Huez (Full)
Super win at La Planche!

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Jefferson’s question aligns with a recent post on the forum. I agree that it seems likely that he hasn’t got the efficiency yet to recruit enough muscle to utilise his very well developed VO2max.

I feel like higher cadence would probably be a big help.

Tries to find the forum rules before making lame “straight into bonking” joke…


Its banned for athletes the night before an event so in the eyes of coaches (UK ones at least) it must make you slower :joy:


Married cycling rule #1:
If you ride all day and your partner is stuck at home with the kids, the only bonking that happens is on the bike. :upside_down_face:


For eating on the bike during workouts that isn’t name brand stuff. FeedZone Portables.

it won’t process AS fast as pre-packaged stuff, but it does cost a hell of a lot less. Sticky Rice Balls are a personal favorite, but there’s so much in the book that you’ll find something that works and that you’ll like.

Save the expensive stuff for race simulations and race day.

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Just to add another element to the conversation re nutrition and gut distress. I was struggling with gut distress on the bike and was cycling through gels, specific drink mix, home blended drink mix, white sugar etc etc. Massive bloating, feeling like my stomach was being blown up with air.

After a lot of diary entries and elimination, the issue was actually the hydration tablets that were being used. A lot of them contain sorbitol (a FODMAP), and this was actually the issue.


I have been fueling with maltodextrin, fructose and sodium citrate. Would be interested in the SugarSalt idea for sure. One consideration as you mentioned, if you don’t want to get involved with the bulk supplements (which I would understand) having a nutrition recommendation on each workout would be great. I just fuel each ride with about 110 gams of carbs. It would be good to know if I should drop that on some workouts or ride some without the carbs altogether.


@Nate_Pearson sounds like you should connect with @Dr_Alex_Harrison in regards to drink and carb recommendations for workouts - he has an app in beta that basically does what you were talking about in regards to determining how much fueling per workout.


Same as me… after months of bloathing I found that I’m intolerant to Sucralose…

@Nate_Pearson, as @Buckethead alluded to, our app recommends a fuel recipe for each workout and race and helps users put it together.

Thanks to @Buckethead and others who reached out here.

We’re a microscopic-sized fish, and nutrition is just a tiny piece of the puzzle, so I’ll understand if you don’t have bandwidth (or interest) to connect!

After 7 years of data collection, and 13 months of user testing, we’re prepping for launch in January.


@Dr_Alex_Harrison I’m in the beta and loving the Fuel app so far!

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@Dr_Alex_Harrison where can we find your app? Is there iOS version of it?

Yes we have iOS & Android in beta. Beta Sign-Up.

Also see this thread for more info. Just posted an update there.


How much product do you use per bottle (and which bottles do you use? 600ml or 750?).

I used the links Jonh shared on the live chat and bought a bag of fructose and another of glucose, but I don’t know how much to put on my bottles.

Per previous podcasts I heard that a concentration beyond 5-8% causes dehydration, but I don’t even know how to measure concentration levels…

Also, do you have a link to get your sodium from Amazon?

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Links are here: Jonathan Lee on Instagram: "DIY Drink Mix that makes you *FAST* 🏁🏆🏁 • 2:1 Ratio of Glucose to Fructose • 52.3g of Glucose • 26.7g of Fructose • 1g Sodium Alginate • 1g of Salt + 500ml of water = 80g carbs per hour and all the watts ⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️ ————————— Links to products: Glucose: Fructose: #cycling #triathlon #mtb #sportsnutrition"


@Dr_Alex_Harrison the form seems to be throwing an error on the Name entry.

Anyone make their own drink mixes in Canada? Looks like some of Jonathan’s recommendations are sold out currently anyway but what is available is ~$20 USD in shipping to Canada, so kind of eliminates the savings. Prevents me from buying any drink mixes from outside of Canada like Flow.
Just wondering about recommendations for ingredients that mix well and have good flavour as it sounded like Jonathan had to do some trial and error to figure that out.

For flavour, I believe I remember Jonathan mentioning using Jello or pudding powder in the past?

Would buy the cucumber mint drink mix if shipping to Canada was reasonable, would also like nutrition guidance for the workouts, for example, if I am going to burn 820kj, how many carbs and calories do I need?

Got lucky with my first buy! About 5 seconds shaking in half full water bottle, then top off water. Formula for 90g/hour bottle below, and I use a kitchen scale to weigh.

60g maltodextrin:

30g fructose:

Citric acid about 1 teaspoon:

Sodium Citrate about 1/2 teaspoon: