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Beyond 8% does not always cause dehydration. It just marginally slows absorption of water. There are many many scenarios where 10-15% concentration is perfectly adequate for hydration purposes. Only if sweating very heavily do you need to push concentrations down to below 10%.

Carb concentration percentages quick reference:

60 g carbs per 1 L = 6%
80 g carbs per 1 L = 8%
100 g carbs per 1 L = 10%
120 g carbs per 1 L = 12%
150 g carbs per 1 L = 15%
180 g carbs per 1 L = 18%

Fixed! Thanks for pointing that out.


I’ve been using 0.75 ml bottles with 100-110 grams of carbs at Maltodextrin:Fructose (1.0:0.8). Thats about 55 grams malto and 45 grams fructose for the 100 grams. Additionally I add about 6 grams sodium citrate to get about 1200mg/hr sodium. (I drink 1 bottle per hour). For flavor I add about 20mg of Robinson’s juice concentrate.

I havent had any issues with dehydration and I live on the coast in Saudi Arabia and deal with VERY hot and VERY humid conditions.

I ordered bulk Malto and sodium citrate from I just get fructose from my local grocery.

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Hi @Jonathan. Thanks for the ingredient recommendations and recipe. Have you found a good way to scale this 80g/bottle mixing process for the 10 bottles or so we’ll use each week? For example, have you tried to increase the recipe to 5x to 400g of what you show in the IG/TikTok video and then use a scooper to fill 5 bottles at once? Or do you only mix 80g at a time? At what point does scaling the recipe make it hard to get an even mix of ingredients with regular manual shaking? Or maybe putting the ingredients in a big pot of water, mixing it there, and then pouring it into multiple water bottles? Thanks

Thanks for explaining :innocent::pray: