Does Adaptive Training work with Polarised Plan?

I’ve got 7 weeks between a C and A multi-day ultra-endurance event (around 190km w/400m vertical/day for 10 days). I’m feeling a little burned out and am thinking of trying out polarised, butI like the machine intelligence that adaptive training brings with conventional plans. Has anyone successfully run AT with Polarized? I know Coach Jonathan has talked about using both on the podcasts, but he might be on early-early access!

Just to add, this A Race was originally meant be June but was cancelled due to COVID, I substituted it for a successful Everesting, but now have the opportunity to ride the rescheduled event in October.

Yes it works. But you need to set up the plan as standard and then change each base and build block to polarized. Then you’re good to go.


But does it actually adapt towards a polarized plan or just start recommending SS workouts after a while?

Currently, adaptations within the experimental polarized plans will preserve the original workout’s zone. However, they won’t be limited to workouts that respect the plan’s original training intensity distribution or time in zone, so adaptations could modify the plans beyond the strict technical definition of Polarized Training they were designed around.


no, the adaptations are driven by the goals of the original plan.