Polarized training WITH adaptive training

I’m digging the adaptive training feature but it reset the polarized model I was following… can I do both? Does that even make sense?? Lol

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I’m hoping that someone from TR can respond to this. I’m in the AT beta and using plan builder to get ready for Ironman Wisconsin, after using the polarized base plan earlier in the year, which I really enjoyed.

I keep on swapping in workouts from my polarized training plan in hopes that AT will pick up on the fact that I want to used polarized for ironman prep. But It doesn’t seem to be responding accordingly.

TR, any changes coming to the AT algo to accommodate those who prefer to use polarized training?

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I don’t believe AT is respecting the polarized plans. It’s addressed somewhere in one of the 2 ginormous AT-beta threads. I wouldn’t count on them “fixing” it any time soon as both polarized and AT are beta/experimental, and there are some other critical features still in-progress for AT.


@porphyro: build a plan, using plan builder. You will have sweet spot base and build. Go into your calendar and click on the notification that says “Base” or “Build”, which ever phase you are currently in. Up pops a menu of options. Top of the right hand column is a bold-face title of your current phase. Click on it. You will be presented with another set of options, one of which is Polarised. Click on that and you’ll get the plan that you’re looking for.


I’m doing this in the calendar for my final Speciality phase and Polarised isn’t an option n hte drop down menu:(

For speciality you can’t choose POL plan.
Although if you take rolling road race plan it can be modified to be POL plan.
week day rides are VO2max workouts, all you have to to is change the week end rides (Threshold and Sweetspot) to longer endurance rides. I think that it’s even ok to keep the Threshold ride as it is. Not sure tho.
Also I don’t know what’s the case with other plans.
I have a A race in 25days and changed my XC marathon plan to Rolling road race since the XC marathon that I take part is 90km 60-70% gravel and forrest roads + some singletrack and other stuff.

That’s my current plan without changes.

Probably going swap out some VO2 rides to correspond more to the actual needs of the race (based on last years).

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Polarised doesn’t make sense (in most cases) for speciality. If you read the notes on each polarised plan the six week plan is described as “Polarised base” and the eight week as “Polarised build”.

I did the full polarised base-build cycle earlier in the summer and was accepted into the AT beta about halfway through that period. Because I’d already started them I didn’t enable AT until after I’d finished the polarised plans so I don’t know how they work with AT. I wrote a long(is) post in the “my experiences with polarised plans” thread.

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