Adaptifying Polarized Plans

Does anyone have any hints about how to apply adaptive training to the Polarized Plans?

I prefer the structure of the MV Polarized plans, as they are a better fit with my running and longer weekend rides outside. But I have just gone through Sweet Spot Base and liked the way AT adjusted my workouts. The jumps in progression levels seem more manageable.

Just trying to work out how I can get the best of both worlds.

Pretty sure you cant.

There is a hack to build your Plan Builder plan with the standard plans and then swap in the Pol plans afterwards, but the issue is that any adaptions AT gives you as you work through the plan will simply suggest SST based sessions and not give you alternate Pol worjouts.

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While there’s no guarantee it will keep the overall polarized nature of the plan, isn’t it true that it would only substitute Threshold for Threshold and Endurance for Endurance and VO2 for VO2? I’ve never seen AT swap a Threshold workout for Sweet Spot. But to be clear, I haven’t tried swapping the polarized plans into any of my PB phases (yet). I may give it a go in the coming year.

Yeah PB won’t apply a polarized plan by default but in the summary screen you can swap out any phase for a polarized block and AT will adapt it. So far it has kept the polarized structure and only swapped workouts for similar workouts.

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