Adaptive Training and Polarized plan


Got a question about the adaptive training and how it works together with the polarized trainingsplan.

After months of eyeballing the adaptive training mode I finally had the option to activate it as open beta. Last week I started in combination with the polarized trainingsplan.

On Friday the Pennell (Threshold 4.3) was up and in Career my current Threshold score was 1 (because I just started). Unfortunately I was not able to finish the workout and selected “Too Intense” as the reason.
Afterward my Threshold score was still 1 , what I understand. For this week I was kinda surprised the threshold workout was Chiricahua (Threshold 5.1). Again I was not able to finish the workout and again I gave the reason “Too Intense”. Only this time the score was adjusted:

Threshold 1 → 5.1
Tempo 1 → 1.4
Sweet Spot 1 → 2.5

Next week Mount Grant (Threshold 6.2) is up. I would expect Adaptive Training would adjust the plan so I’m able to finish work-outs instead of intensifying even more. Is there something I’m missing? For the record, I’m able to finish the VO2MAX and Endurance workouts.

Thanks in advance.


Adaptive training doesn’t work with polarized plans because they are experimental. However, it also sounds like you might not be using Plan Builder and Adaptive Training ONLY works with plans created through Plan Builder.

Now there are some hacks with how to create a plan using Plan Builder and then swap out the workouts to match the Polarized plan, but you’d have to have someone else go into more detail on that.


I’m curious also and confused, I’m currently running the AT beta, if I select a plan such as base, build or specialty and NOT one from the plan builder does this mean I am not using AT to it’s fullest?

If you don’t set the plan up using Plan Builder then, yes, you aren’t using AT.


YES - AT ONLY works on plans added to your calendar with Plan Builder. Without PB you will see no adaptions at all.


Ok, thanks. good to know


Thanks y’all, back to the drawing board.

I had a similar problem in week 3-ish on plan builder with adaptive training. Way too much intensity, way too few hours (because I went low volume which everybody says to do and just add in aerobic rides). Every workout was a max effort in “base 1”. Then down a bit in power at the 2nd ramp test.

I’ve felt this before bombing out of SSBLV a couple of times in the past, I was hoping adaptive training would prevent it. Maybe I didn’t stick with it long enough but 1-2 intense rides per week for me is all it takes on top of some decent aerobic hours. 3 killer workouts = great for 2 weeks then hit the wall and want to sell all of my bikes.

And yeah, 94% FTP with sprints (looking at you Redondo +2) for me feels like threshold with sprints so those three (!) Redondo workouts didn’t get finished.

I’m betting AT will adjust the workouts for you if you hang in there but I’d like to know how it works out for you.