Do I have to use Plan Builder to get the adaptive training adjustments?

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I do apologize if this is common knowledge and I just missed it, but if I choose one of the Training Plans (rather than using Plan Builder), does TR still set my workouts and then adjust them throughout the plan using adaptive training?

I would like to try a Polarized plan, but I do like at adaptive training features, so I don’t want to miss out on that. I’ve been doing a modified version of a plan tossed out by Plan Builder but I don’t really want to do the sweet spot-esque blocks it threw at me for the first six weeks.

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That used to be a requirement (PB + AT to get adaptations), but they changed that to all AT to work with ad hoc plans added manually, like the old days.

Related to POL & AT:

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Thanks, Chad. That helps. One follow-up question:
“NOT guaranteed to maintain POL attributes with Adaptations.” Right, there is no guarantee that the adaptations will lock in the % in zone ratios that makes the POL plan by-the-books POL. But, it’s only going to ever suggest adaptations that shift the level of the workout, so even with all the adapting throughout, it’ still going to be week-by-week of (e.g.) VO2/endurance/threshold/endurance (i.e., the zones wont change due to AT). So, it seems like a pretty good fix would be just to make sure any suggested adjusted VO2 or threshold workout (not really an issue for endurance) matches the “type” of workout in the original plan (e.g., adjust a three-minute interval VO2 to another 3-minuter of the suggested new level; or, don’t sub a VO2 with 4-minute intervals for one w/2-minute intervals). Would that get you 90+% of the way there? Or is there something else about possibly messing up the polarized nature of the plan that I am missing?

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  • As an outsider, I simply can’t comment about how TR would, should, should make changes to their app and such. I am not a programmer and don’t have any knowledge about the how’s/why’s within TR.

  • That is best addressed directly to them via email or enhancement request, so they can review it.