Difficulty Editing Training Plans

I recently competed in my first CX races and performed well, so I decided to add another race to my calendar. The problem is my plan was built to end with the final race of the season which I had set as my A-race.
The only way I could figure out to amend my training plan to extend it to prepare for the new race was to delete a race from the calendar and choose to rebuild the plan when prompted. This is an incredibly frustrating way to have to edit a training plan. Is there not a way to edit a plan without deleting an event the plan is built around and then adding it back? When I looked at my plan on the Career page, the only option for editing was the name.
Additionally, why are there limitations on how far apart A-races can be when trying to build a plan? Pro riders compete weekly at incredibly high levels, (I know I’m no where near that), but why can’t I have A-races 2 weeks apart and have the plan built to suit that? I understand not all events can be A-races, but restriction of 8 weeks between A-races is a bit ridiculous.
In order to get an additional week of training added to my plan, I had to delete a race from the calendar, choose Rebuld plan when prompted, add back the race I deleted, add the new race, alter the race I had initially set as my A-race and then set the new race to my A-race. Very convoluted.
Did I miss something where I could have modified my plan easier? Should I not have modified my plan to include the new race and just used adaptive training? (not sure how that would adapt to a new A-race being added to my calendar.)
Does anyone else encounter issues where they need to modify a plan and adaptations just don’t cover it?

Two races two weeks apart aren’t both A races. A races have a 2 week taper, so it’s nonsensical to have them 2 weeks apart.

You can have multiple A races in a season, but typically you should have about 14 weeks btwn them - 2 weeks “off”, 4 weeks for a Rebuild and then 8 weeks for a Specialty block (which will include a second 2 week taper)

Not the case here but a qualifying race and a championship might be a week apart. You certainly peak for one of those but it’s not like qualifying isn’t an A race as well.

Point taken, but for the purposes of Trainerroad and setting up your training, that’s an A race and a B race (or a B race and an A race)

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Easiest way to trigger a plan re-build is to move a race on your calendar. You don’t have to delete it. Move it to the next day, hit no when prompted to re-build the plan, then move it back again and this time you hit re-build plan.

And to re-iterate what others have said. If you peaked for a race and then decided to add another race two weeks later, that race will never be an A race.

Thanks for the response, but I beg to differ that the method you describe is any different or easier than what I had to do. The simple fact of the matter is users shouldn’t have to move an event, click No, then move the event again and click Rebuild; users should be able to go into the plan and make alterations. If I were to move an event, I could just select Rebuild at that time and change the date of the event when I got to the point of adding events which eliminates a step, but is no different than deleting and then adding it back.

I understand the A to A race separation is part of the algorithm TR uses to build the plan, but when you say it is “nonsensical” to have A races 2 weeks apart, I disagree. As Jolyzara pointed out, a qualifying race and a championship may be a week apart. I would assume most would set the championship race as the A and the Q race as a B, but if you aren’t at your best for the Q race, you may not make the Champs.
I think I can agree that two 4-6 hour A races back to back wouldn’t work, but in the scenario I was in, I am looking at racing for 30-40 minutes 2x per day, 2 weeks apart. I carried peak fitness into my original A race, so why can’t I alter my plan slightly to keep that fitness over 2 additional weeks to compete at the same level in the next race?
I was able to do it, it’s more the pain to have to jump through hoops to adjust the plan and call a race an arbitrary A or B.

I was - I thought fairly obviously - talking in the context of someone setting up a training plan on TR, not generally.