Plan builder - add new event and recalculating


How do I add a new event to an already existing plan? I’ve got a new A race 2 weeks after my plan was supposed to end. When I add it to my calendar it just gets added, not change for the plan.
Any advice?


Pretty sure A races need to be 4 weeks apart to re-calculate the plan… or something similar, try making it a B race?

The plan ends, so there is nothing to recalculate.

Add the new event to your calendar. Delete the existing plan (you may need to go to the start date of the plan to do this). Then generate a new plan.

I think the Plan Builder will not cope with 2 A events that close to each other, and will ask you to nominate one of them as a B event.

You may want to read

as a way to handle this manually.

The plan ends with 3 B-races, my A-event is a few weeks prior, meaning that they’ll be more than 4 weeks apart. :slight_smile:

Ok, so I’ll delete the plan and redo it. I thought that it would be possible to extend my existing plan to make sure that it doesn’t get messed up when I redo it.

If you delete the plan does it delete existing workouts that are complete? I have been on a plan since the end of December. Heading into build on Monday. If I delete the plan, add another ‘A’ in October (existing ‘A’ in May 1), how would it handle that? Would build still start on this Monday? Or, does it take into account the TR WO already done?

Go to calendar, click on date, enter race & you’ll be prompted to recalculate your plan

Clearly, that is not the case. There is no update to the plan when I add my new race. As has been stated previously, it is probably because the plan has ended two weeks prior to my new race.

I haven’t deleted and recreated the plan yet, out of fear that it’ll mess up my current progression…

Strange. I did exactly what I said in my previous post, and the prompt to recalculate appeared. Are you trying to add another A race? I think they have to be 8 weeks apart.

I’ve tried to add both A and B race. No update to the plan with either.

Hey so not sure if this helps, but I just tested as I needed to add in another race. When I added the race, nothing happened. Then, I changed my first ‘A’ race to ‘B’ and it triggered the plan change. I was then able to edit that race back to ‘A’. I will say though, mine are several months apart if that made a difference.

Apply a fake race in the middle of the plan… it will ask you to recalculate… then on the event page of the plan you can delete that race and add the new A race.

Plan will only recalculate if you add or delete something inside the existing plan