Adding a race with AT

When I built my training plan, I didn’t have any races on the calendar. It is currently set to finish specialty and put me back into base in mid May. This is far from ideal if I am looking at an A race in September. If I add an A race in September, will it automatically adapt to that and extend out the build and specialty appropriately? Am I better off just deleting my current plan and starting over? If I were to start a new plan 1st week of February, I would finish specialty in August. Any tips on the best way to approach this would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve never tried, and don’t know of a direct answer right now.

It’s easy enough to add one and see what happens.

I will try that and get back to you. I guess I have a phobia of breaking the system. Haha.

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Looks like it just took me back to plan builder and built a new plan based on my A race date. Not sure if it would have been any different if I keeping the discipline the same of my current plan. (It’s a track race, and I am switching from my crit plan to gravity.)

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