A/B Races in Training Plans

I built a plan that includes an A-race in a couple of months. I’m about to start Week #7, Base 2.

I just decided to do a back-to-back event, 186-miler, then a 124-miler. Brevets. I consider these B-races. 3 weeks before my A-race.

I can’t find a way to inform TR about these in my current Plan. I really don’t want to restart a new plan from scratch and start over with Base 1. I need to start my VO2max Base 2 workouts this week. Is there a way to add these B-races to an existing plan and have TR adapt to those?

I think it would be nice if the next version, WLV2, would not only take already-ridden IRL rides into consideration, but also take into consideration workouts that you have on your TR calendar in the future. For example, I have a repeating RUN day once a week on Fridays that I’ve added to my TR calendar, and Gym Leg Day on Sundays. And I now have those two big rides mid January. The Plan Builder could take that into consideration in the workout types and days (anticipatory). And then having performed those workouts, adjust to them.

Im not sure exactly how plan builder will adapt to it but you just click on your calendar an Add Event ‘Race’ and when it asks you adapt (‘Recalculate’) the plan.

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Exactly - it is easy to add workouts, even repeating ones, to your calendar. But it does not appear an existing plan adapts to those… like it does when you enter your planned events when first creating the plan. That was really my question. I want the plan to adapt to new A/B events without recreating and restarting a plan from Week #1.

You should be able to edit the plan and add these events. When I kept adding random events last year, TR kept adapting around them even if it just meant removing the workout for a C race.

Hey Kevin - wish I could. Custom Plan Builder… I go into that and ideally I could click on EVENTS and adjust the events. But it makes me start at the beginning with Plan Name, and then it sees I already have a plan. At START DATE, it makes me delete my current plan. Ugh. What am I doing wrong? I can’t seem to edit an existing plan.

If adding an event isn’t triggering an adaptation (you maybe need to do it on the web) you could try scrolling back in the web calendar to the start of your existing plan and clicking on the plan name that re-triggers plan builder and you add the additional events.

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@dbrillha, are you ONLY trying to add the NEW events via plan builder? If so, I would suggest doing as @HLaB and others have suggested.

You just need to add the event in the calendar view (you MAY have to do it on the web and not in the app… not sure) by clicking on the date in the calendar and in the pop up window choose “race”. Your plan SHOULD adapt to it without starting you over at base 1.

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I literally just changed all my events in my calendar because when I started my plan I didn’t know when I was racing. Here’s how I did it:

  1. navigate to the day in your calendar
  2. click on that day to add an activity
  3. select “event”
  4. add all the event details
  5. popup asks if you want to “recalculate plan”
  6. say yes! it takes you to your current plan to adjust it where necessary